Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Toys for the Merdeka Season

Was thinking of proposing the following sets of toys for Merdeka day to Hasbro..will make good gifts this Merdeka season..Maybe the Mangkuk "BPN" Sniper Blogs by KJ can use this to play and get some points into their thick skulls of theirs.

FRU 'All Season Protest' Policemen Collector's Set
Comes complete with water cannons, small bombs, 30 FRU trucks, a Black Maria and 30,000 protestors. Colours of protestors are customizable to black, red or yellow. Comes free with a complimentary mini 30 protestor set- "Pewaris", with its own marching music and police escort.Add RM 10 for link-armed line of Pakatan leaders.Water for water cannons sold separately.

The 'Kg Buah Pala' Cowboy Town 1 Dollhouse Set

Comes complete with little cows,29 collectible houses,and a Darshan Singh figurine.When pressed, the Darshan Singh figurine will say project a cute gurgly, incomprehensible sound .Also comes with alternative action heroes/villians - Hindraf Hunk, Sugu the Slug,Tharma the Thug and Victor the Dictator.

Mini Court 'Buat Kerja Judiciary' Set

A majestic collector's edition replica Jalan Duta court complex complete with cracks and uneven car park and Palace of Justice scale model.Comes with 'Buat Kerja' banner.To be included next fall in this collection is VK Lingam plush doll that says three phrases when pressed "Correct...correct...correct your head". "Looks like me and sounds like me, am I me?" and "Yo Mama so Fat, she cannot fit in this court".
The VK Lingam doll comes with 3 camouflages, but they all looks and sounds like VK.Judges sold separately.

SUK Selangor 'Under Siege' Set

Four piece building set comprising Dewan Jubli Emas, Anexxe, Bangunan SSAAS and DUN Selangor.Latest addition to this set is an audio ready yelling band of hooligans wearing miniature 'Bukan UMNO' T shirts.Also included is a cool cow with detachable head.Police officer figurines available but are immovable deadcast iron and for ornamental purposes only.
Loh Gwo Burne Edition Commemorative Camera
Would make an excellent gift to kids who are interested in photography.It comes preloaded with the actual photos taken by YB Loh and a handwritten manual by him on how to trap corrupt lawyers.Batteries and judges sold separately.
Teach your kids gardening skills and patriotism with this gardening toolkit. Learn valuable lessons about nature, and if planted strategically, this small tree would maybe some day shelter a state assembly sitting.Comes in Casuarina,Dedap and Langsuir.Comes with its own pot and fill-in-your-name plaque.
But then again, if they could think, they would not be doing what they do, right? :P


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