Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Response to Taming Sari

My response to a self-bastardizing post by a certain blogger


Taming Sari is the name of the legendary kris belonging to the great warrior Hang Tuah. Hang Tuah was reputed to be a hero, one brave enough to face off mighty Jebat in a battle which is rather unbelievable, if you read the story (Hikayat Hang Tuah) either the Malay version (where Hang Tuah is the hero) or the Indonesian version (where Jebat is the hero).


Points of controversy aside, Tuah was someone with guts, who does not hide behind a mask or a pseudonym. Tuah did not hide behind his grandmother and throw poison darts at Jebat. Neither would he have the face to put up a half baked blog with articles and pieces that has as much literary value as a caveman's wall scribbling, or the artistic markings on a used piece of toilet paper.


If Tuah were alive, I have no doubt with commanding articulacy, and may even have mastered Chinese, Tamil, and most definitely English, so as to stand eye to eye with Rambo, Wong Fei Hung and other heroes produced by a global world. Its an utter disgrace therefore, that a bumbling, pathetic excuse for a blogger would have the tenacity to use the name of Hang Tuah's sacred weapon as the name of that person's blog, and definitely with poorly copied graphics and lamely stitched-togather HTML. As an IT person,I know my own blog is not exactly Pulitzer material, hence the name "Daily Dread". Should I have named my blog "Glamdring"(from LOTR) or "Excalibur" (From Arthur) or "As-You-Will-Golden-Banded-Cudgel" (From Sun Ng Hong) it would definitely be of a much higher standard. Unlike some I know.


Enough about talking about a certain blog's apparently below average IT knowledge and poor taste in HCI theory. And obvious thick racist agenda plastered in every corner of his blog, oozing as much hatred as a godless Nazi. But this post is not about Taming Sari.


Let's talk about this another person instead. Let's call this person Damning Sorry. Damning Sorry the Bastard. Damning Sorry is not the same person as Taming Sari, because Damning Sorry is a true blue bastard.




Because only a bastard would resort to speak ill of a dead person. Only a bastard and would resort to politically exploit a victim's death. A victim of a grossly unfair 'justice' system that bastard help put in place. Only a cheap, lowlife motherfucking bastard does this things. Now I am not saying the earlier blogger I mentioned in this post did it, I am just saying whoever did it, is really a bastard who deserves to burn in hell.


With blind worship and lack of ambition in life, only bastards born of an aged, herpes infected, dermatologically challenged prostitute would spew forth-foul lies in the hope of gaining cheap political mileage. That's like running a home NGV canister when everyone else is running RON97. It may get you somewhere, but eventually it will blow up with that same bastard behind the wheel. And you know what the bastard's liege lords will abandon that bastard then.


But then again, what can such bastards do? Because this bastard has probably been tasked by his liege lords to do their bidding, to spin, spin and spin some more to swing the angry masses  back to their fold. Well, I have a few tips for such bastards. Stop trying. This is the age of information. Meaning as soon as the results are out, before the police finds the experts, locksmiths, building engineers, ex policemen, forensic specialists, lawyers and other people with knowledge matter on the subject would, within seconds connect on, read it, give their expert opinion and be viewed by the world. Which means the world as we know it, is getting smarter and smaller. Only some bastards rely on news from officially sanctioned party mouthpieces ,and thus, probably is forever stuck in Jahilliyah.


Sebelum saya dicerca sebagai rakyat import atau pendatang atau lebih dashyat dari itu dituduh komunis Cina, penoreh getah India, atau penjajah Portugis, eloklah saya menulis sedikit dalam Bahasa Malaysia.


Jika saudara-saudari secara kebetulan singgah di laman blog saya dan terbaca artikel ini saya minta saudara-saudari membaca artikel di atas dalam konteks. Bukanlah tujuan saya menghina keperibadian si blogger Taming Sari. Tujuan saya hanyalah mengetengahkan sikap acuh tak acuh sesetengah makhluk bergelar manusia yang sedikitpun tidak sedih melihat seorang lagi manusia kehilangan nyawa, malah turut menjadikan kematian tragic itu sebagai modal politik dengan cerita dongeng yang hanya dapat melipatgandakan kesedihan keluarga dan sahabat mangsa.Manusia bangsat seperti ini harus dikasi, direjam dan mayatnya layak dijadikan makanan anjing.


Cuma dikhuatiri, anjing sekalipun sanggup kelaparan dari mendekati binatang tersebut.








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