Thursday, August 06, 2009

Morning Jogs and Dogs

Went for a jog this morning as usual.It was darker as I left at 4.55 as opposed to 5.30 as usual (I had a morning appointment in KL). As one of the street lights were out, I did not see this black dog and accidentally kicked it.And the bugger yelped, surprised, followed by incessent barking.Stupid dog.Now I usually carry two small dumbells with me (to exercise my arms-need to lose weights la)So, I pretended to want to throw it at him.Next thing you know this stupid dog barked in 'reinforcements' and they surrounded me.
'Defeated', I retreated all the way around my normal route in an extra 3 km jog.I was late for my meeting. Stupid, stupid smelly dog. Next time I'm bringing a bigger dumbell, one that has bullet firing capabilities.

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Blogger Melissa Gomez said...

hey, try carrying a big stick. I used to see this aunty n uncle carrying them for walks...should help i guess...

9:18 PM  

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