Friday, August 28, 2009

An Evening Long Pending

I finally had a long outstanding coffee with my friend from PAS, Sdr. Prasad Hanif. Only what I thought would be quiet discussion over coffee about mobilizing Klang for Pakatan turned out to be a good homoured political ribbing session complete with our MP, YB Charles, his two PAs, a couple of social activists and a very cute nephew whose ultimate joy in life seems to be fried rice.

I brought the pseudo infidel Shakir along, coz he's been bugging me to meet some political people.
With all the heavy politicking going on, its nice to have a short breather once in a while, and remember that life is not all about politics, that we all need a breather once in a while. With all the negativity around us, constant harrasment, attempts on coup d' etat , one successful overthrow, race being played as commonly a card as development, 8 continuous by elections within a year and a half.The fact that we won 7 out of 8 of them, most with a trouncing, despite the odds, shows with all the brouhaha, the people still are with us, either out of spite for BN, or love for Pakatan.
And that, is a most reassuring thought.
Prasad was mentioning the counterattack PAS has planned for the Malay belt and its nice to know Dr Dzul and team still have not lost their magic.It will be interesting to watch the coming months.To me its simple. The issue is between race and religion. One cannot claim both together, for religion denounces racism and racism has no place in a religious agenda. The fact that UMNO has forged this two together is impressive, and what would be more impressive is for PAS to break this amalgamation of elements never intended to be uttered in the same breath.
And that,would be their sweetest success.
It would also translate to the abolishment of this silly notion of people speaking only for their own race.Then Chinese will no longer be suspicious of a PAS man supporting the building of a Guan Yin Temple, and Muslims will not be wary to accept some allocation from a DAP rep for the erection of a mosque.
And that, would be my idea of a 1Malaysia.

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