Tuesday, September 01, 2009

A Nice Weekend

The long weekend turned out to be a pretty nice one after all.On Thursday night, met up with Shakir after the longest time, seeing he now can drive, after his freakish albeit comedic mishap (he tried to scratch his um, back, and somehow dislocated his arm). Met Prasad as well, my comrade from PAS and exchanged a lot good natured ribbing and news, mostly about the venerable Dr Hasan Ali.We had dinner with YB Charles, who has a thing for the nasi lemak below his service center, and another thing for Dr Hasan :P
Friday was even more eventful, went to the workshop with Danny whose car got into an accident, and left him wrapped up like a herbal wantan thanks to mummy-wrap and a skillful Chinese singseh.Had tea with him and YB Ronnie and YB Kit, who never fails to amaze me with his sharp-mindedness, and met up with Mandy and her very cute nephew. Listened to YB Teng and Khalid with their awesome jokes about BeEnd.
Then went and drank to Dr Hasan's health at Modesto's with Danny and Adrian. Spent Saturday and Sunday movie-ing,arcade gaming, drinking, eating, sushi-ing,DOTA-ing,photographing and finally talk-cocking at Tze Wei's impromptu farewell where I met Robert,Shin, Christine and Tze Wei, and the topics of cock-talk ranged from Jesus to MENJ to the Oxford Movement and priesthood, to apostolic succession to libertarianism to the Chinese press and whatever else bangau topic that could be fitted in a two and a half hour window.A nice way to end a parade free,nearly flag free, black wearing weekend.


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Blogger Christine said...

It was really nice meeting you also! You forgot to include the topics you boys talked about in the 10-minute window I walked to 7E and back.

12:03 PM  
Blogger Emmanuel said...

LOL...yes,that was pretty much an elongated version of what we had talked earlier about how we would be stabbing each other had we known each other 100 years ago :P

12:32 PM  

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