Wednesday, August 05, 2009

A Death That Must Not Be In Vain

My heart stopped for more than a beat when I received the bad news yesterday. I had hoped it was a joke in bad taste, and was extremely disappointed when it turned out to be true.


I did not know the late Teoh Beng Hock very well, just the occasional hello and nods when we cross paths whenever I would visit my friend Danny or when I have forms etc to pass to Danny or YB Ronnie in the SUK. I also shared an apartment with him in a Penang trip some time back when Pakatan just took over Selangor.


Even in the few contacts I had with him, he always struck me as lively and animated. Seeing his lifeless body's photo must have been poignant for whomever who knew him. It was about 4pm when I got the SMS. My friend Danny, who works in the office next to Teoh did not know about it when I called him, neither did my friend Adrian, who coincidentally works in Plaza Masalam, only a few floors above the scene of the incident. According the press conference, they found his body at 1.30; yet no one noticed. His co-workers were unaware, neither were those in the same building. A little fishy, isn't it? All it takes is a car accident to drive most workers of a building to a window. We are after all, curious Malaysians.


There are a string of issues surrounding this death. First is the unnatural speed in which the MACC is conducting this investigating this allegation. From some of the people I spoke to, friends of mine who have been interrogated for the same case, the MACC seems hellbent on insisting many activities conducted are not 'Mesra Rakyat'


What is 'Mesra Rakyat?' People friendly. As long as people benefit, than what the fuck is your problem? Its only 5,000 ringgit la. What about the billions, maybe trillions of ringgit squandered by mysterious people? PKFZ? What about the various disproportionate spending vs. known income of so many BN people? Or the questionable allocations of hundreds of thousands of contracts in so many places? Or the volumes of encyclopedias worth of reports made by so many Opposition leaders from the time of the Seenivasagam brothers right up to the time of  Lim Kit Siang?


Its almost as though you have someone you are eager to please. You know how prostitutes feel compelled to give you a good time, after taking your money?


Or how dogs vigorously wag their tails when they see their owners, well aware of the fact that their owners feed them?


I go to Plaza Masalam pretty often, and if you look up from the floors, you see balconies of the floors below. It does not look as though you'd die jumping down if you know what I mean (not like when you look down most skyscrapers)


Why would a careered young person who is going to get married tomorrow commit suicide? Why did it take so long to move the body? Why did they assign a tiga paku investigating officer? Too many questions with too few answers.


Too all people from BN with a heart, ask yourselves, what would have happened if it was an UMNO Youth Leader who died up there?


The deceased was a to-be husband, a son, a cousin, a brother, and a nephew. His death deprived many people of many things. What is the value of one human life? And how many more must die?


We can add this to the string of accolades the Malaysian government has collected in their stride towards democracy ala Gestapo.


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