Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mob and Mop Politicians


Mob based politicians and mop faced politicians.


There are politicians who are accused of being with the mob and then there are politicians who look like mops. (See if you've been used to losing your elections a few years straight, the sulk on your face goes longer and longer, especially if you're your party's sole candidate. Eventually the sulk becomes so long you can mop the floor). But I'll skip the latter and think I'll write about the former. After all, he who eats chili feels hot right?


A few days ago one politician from a different state and party, albeit in the same coalition accused another politician of being associated with the mob. Now there is nothing wrong with looking like a mop, but being with the mob is the highest order of betrayal of voter's trust, or so the mop politician seemed to be saying.


According to this politician, a state certain exco in the Selangor Government has


a)      had mobsters over

b)      let the mobsters use his office as a 'secret meeting place'



Curious minds are inquiring; how did this politician, sitting in his office far, far away have the time or even the need to spy on another politician, far, far away?


Doesn't his constituents need help with their issues? Wouldn't his resources be better spent serving his constituents? And what exactly is the crime here?


I am sure the MP is aware, there are 4 elected representatives in the same office, and an entire department based on the same floor as his targeted exco. The SUK building is teeming with security guards, police officers patrol daily there, high ranking police officers often file in and out for business visits, not to mention the many UMNO representatives also walk in and out of the area.


Apart from that, as that exco mentioned, there is the CCTV system and logbook.


With all this, EVERYONE there seemed to have missed this underworld figures, so I must be an idiot to believe an outsider, who admittedly has not been to the exco's office nor the SUK, presumably based on hearsay, openly and maybe stupidly tries to tarnish his comrade's reputation.


From this you can conclude either of these things


a)      The MP in question possesses a hell of a good hearing/eyesight to be able to detect something that was missed so many people

b)      The MP in question recognizes underworld figures that missed the eyes of so many people, raising the question- is he an underworld figure himself? If so, he should be investigated immediately. If he has a good eye, Special Branch should consider hiring him!

c)      The MP has erred and is just continuing shooting his mouth off.



Assuming the exco in question really has had people connected to the underworld over, what exactly is the crime here? Is he a loan shark, prostitution syndicate owner, drug lord, or even used any of these services?


The same MP has also made noise before this on YB Lim Kit Siang's AP (later proven untrue) and YB Teresa Kok's job title.

Notice a trend here? On that topic of YB Teresa's job title, I can't help but wonder..


Suka hati MB la nak panggil dia Exco Kanan ke Exco Kiri ke, Exco Tengah ke, yang kau bising tak tentu pasal ni apahal?


The only crime, if proven, and if any, is keeping distasteful or questionable company. But if that is a crime, I suppose all lawyers are guilty of it. The MP in question, being a lawyer himself should know.


Those who live in glass lighthouses should not throw stones. They should grow some instead.

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