Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Good Weekend

Weekend … Long Time Pending.


Had a blast this weekend. Well, to start off with, its my first weekend without having a callback on Sunday for weekend activities ;)


Spent Friday having more alcohol than I've had in quite some time. Ate Japanese. Spent Saturday with my ex colleagues that just started an ex-employees association:  P

All but one was an ex employee, so Bubba (not his real name) you cannot be considered a full member yet, maybe an associate member. But please do keep us posted on the latest by Short Chinese Man (not his real name)


Karaoke at Neway now has become much cheaper. As expected, our ex boss was too busy too attend due to work obligations. The man works way too hard la. Alas, they removed the oysters.And the prawns. Just hope they don't remove the karaoke sets next.


Later we went for wine at a nearby wine lounge. It's been a while since I've done this so certainly was a pick-me-upper


Spent most Sunday with Milk and Blur. Since Lamp Post was not with us, we could eat Sushi.


I am now convinced more than ever than Lamp Post had slept with a Japanese girl, didn't like it and therefore hates Sushi in obvious retaliation. Its either that or he's not over the tragic death of his pet tuna.


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