Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Irritating internal sound bytes

Once there lived a dude,
Caught up in a feud,
Between his party and he.

He went on his own way,
The flavour of the day,
And opened his own party.

He tried his hand at votes,
He barely could read his notes,
But held on selfishly.

Smack in the middle of town,
He canvassed like a clown,
Just seeking publicity.

He didn't fare so well,
Despite his head so swell,
Just a creaky political has been.

Many years has passed,
Since people remembered him last,
A kind soul passes him a lifeline.

He wins from sheer luck,
Coz people didn't give a ****
Who he was or where's he's been.

And what does he do?
He picks up his shoe,
And throws it at the first ex colleague he sees!

Such is the impression he sold,
A vengeful bitter soul,
Deserving of the title MP?

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