Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Why Barney Should Stand for Elections

-He has no race, so no one can accuse him of being from the wrong race.
-We have too many clowns in Parliament, a stuffed dinosour would be nice
-We won't have to invent election mascots like Rocket Kid or god forbid, a life sized walking keris, a fluffy crescent moon (like the Mc Donald's 24 hour ad) that looks like a banana, because our candidate IS a mascot
-Your opponent cannot possibly find anything evil about you
-He can btchslap the EC chairman and no one would be angry with him
-No matter how much the police bludgeons him, his head never caves in and pops right back into shape.
-Plastic bottles thrown at him hits the sender back in the face without any effort on his part.
-He does not have a reproductive organ, so scandalous videos are impossible
-To make your opponent mad you don't have to say anything, just dance arond him.
-All your oppnent needs to do is hit you and sympathy votes will win the seat for Barney
-He does not stop with a handshake on nomination date, he will hug his opponent and sing that irritating I love you jingle.
-Styrofoam suit makes for a soft landing when kicked off stage
-Thick costume resistant to backstabs

So Barney, P118 Klang awaits you!


Blogger Imrann said...

hey, I remembered talking this to my bro :P

While the tv was switched to Barney's evening show lol

9:40 AM  

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