Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Jumping Ship

Well, its official.I am to be relocated to another company in a couple of months time.Not that its all bad la, mostly the jobs the same with hopefully better career prospects, better pay...well at least thats what I've been promised la.My greatest concern would be my learning curve.I want to keep learning.Thing about me is, the second I stop learning, complacency sets in and I start to grow decadent and build a comfort zone.Which explains, probably why I like to read.

I've more or less decided to take up the offer.I need to save at a faster rate to realize my personal goals and ambitions sooner.I have someone to think of now.I have someone in my life who matters a lot to me, and I would like to marry her someday and start a family with her, and that would require capital expenditure.

Speaking of which, today she discovered two ways to 'melt' me.It has been her personal crusade to find out ways to 'melt' me and today she succesfully conducted two experiments (te nature of those experiments will not be divulged in this blog :P ) on the test subject, namely, me.The result: she now knows two soft spots and will probably never lose an argument with me due to this. :P

Not that I would want to argue in the first place o.O

Love her too much for that.


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