Monday, August 07, 2006

Vijaykanth the Indian Film Star

This weekend I went into reverse mode no thanks to a sudden bout of madness togather with my workplace buddies.What exactly is reverse mode?Well, no its not that I've reverted back into a life of total divulgance, rather I went into gila gila makan mode.And I did not go to gym for a week.Gila makan as in 3 days McD drive through straight and tonight we're gonna go to a 24 hr KFC.

Here we were the bunch of people that guys look up to make decisions, eating McD in the playground and laughing at reactions of passers by who probably assumed we were mad or drunk, when in reality were only happy.Oh ya, I forgot to mention all these food-escapades occured after 2 am :P Yesterday went over to my friend Ganesh's place where I was treated to the most amazingly physics defying stunts in the history of Indian film history.So, get this apparently, there's this guy called Vijaykanth in Indian cinema and he came before Ranjinikanth and the new metrosexual bunch of Hindi actors.Ths guy seriously is the Man.He makes Neo look like a girl scout.

There's one scene in a movie - where he is facing two enemies in front and one behind.he only has a knife and a single-bullet in his gun.How did he defeat the bad guys?OK get this- the guy behind him shoots the bullet, this Vijaykanth JUMPS OVER the bullet, throws his knife at the bullet, SPLITS THE BULLET IN HALF, killing the two baddies in front of me, and in one sweeping motion, turns around and shoots the guy behind him.If you think that's good, check out another one...

What do you do when there's a guy over you you simply cannot reach by a single gunshot?Here's what Vijaykanth does....he throws a gun in the air and USING ANOTHER GUN, SHOOTS the first gun's TRIGGER, forming a 90 degree angle shot and kills the guy over his pistol reach.

Seriously- this one man commando team is really something la wei.Beats Sgt Bilko by a mile.Now I understand two emails I received... forwards.One has the entire 7th fleet and its equaivalent in the Indian Army- Vijaykanth.

Another is a factual email telling us about this asteroid thats supposed to hit India in 2008.It goes on and on about research on how to deal with this asteroid and finally India came up with a video presentation on how to divert from sure disaster- a gif image of Vijaykanth kicking the asteroid away back into space.

What a week.

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Blogger Lizzam said...

Motherboard! I need to get myself a copy of that movie la...what's it called?

8:20 AM  
Anonymous KopKing said...


Just what was the police report on Menj all abt and what was his reaction?

3:29 PM  
Blogger Emmanuel said...

nothing la some issue with incitement.

6:25 PM  
Anonymous Veerapandi Kattaboman said...

No matter what, i stand supreme among all. Heck they built a statue for me, garlanded me with words of honour and vigour of the highest order. I had a Rajini Salute, a Kamal's bow and a Vijaykanth boring speech.

The bravest among all...the best cries among all that can melt womenfolk and make villains cherrish a peaceful end. So tell me, is it fair to write about a Mr. Black Stallion who ranked always da 3rd best in spite of winning a small state in election.

I would like to end with a quote: I came , I saw and I'm SIMPLY THE BEST

9:41 PM  

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