Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Advertising and the World Cup Fever

So far I am true to my pledge not to blog on Malaysian politics but hey, its only been a day so far.....

I'm not really a football fan, wait, thats a blatant lie.I am a World Cup fan, a fan of its fanfare, alcaholic beverage promotions, email forwards of scantily clad women little on them besides body paints etched across their chests in the colours of their national flags....yep, I like it all.I also like partaking in the betting pool, though I do not even understand fully what the f*uck a half ball, quarter ball, 0.0075 ball is and all that mother jazz, I just rely on my friends to tell me if I won.And if on the rare occasion, I do win, its more of the abovesaid alcaholic beverages for me ;)

Point is,I do not know about where you come from, but where I do(This Light forsaken land called Bolehland) football is like numero uno in the national sports list.Sure, we can't really play it, and the closest we got to upping the standard was when Khairy Jamaluddin's myTeam performed outstandingly by taking on the national squad and giving it a run for its money.Perhaps thats why Dr M is so peeved, maybe he's a yellow jersey supporter...hmm...The numero dos sport position however is highly volatile.It usually depends on what we're winning at on the international stage.At the height of Foo Kok Keong-Sidek brothers glory it was of course badminton.When Nicole won the wolrd no 1 position, it was squash.And when that small whiff of news came out that some golfer once applied for a Malaysian PR status, it became golf.

Anyway I really respect private companies cashing in on the world cup frenzy la.Allow me to dissect the adverts....

Ogawa decided its a good time to show its 'cowboy' massage chair, heaven alone knows why.Perhaps sex drive and football are good partners.yea baby, a sexy well endowed lady on a rodeo ride is a sight to behold, but during my Penang trip recently, I recall distinctively a well, err rounded lady with a butt that really covered the whole machine.Its a miracle the gears could stand such torture in the first place.And her equally fat kid who really seemed more interested in the model's outfit rather than his mom's massage chair.

Breeze I don;t know how, managed to get a mouthing Ronaldhino juggling a ball around and decided to give out the ball free to all its loyal washing powder users.What the hell has soap powder gotta do with football anyway????Even Milo cashed in on the action and shows a couple of handsome young studs (read gay college gigolos) playing a game that defies physics- dribbling the ball under a table and the table remains perfectly motionless.When last I checked, even shaking my legs caused a table to shiver.

But hats off to Digi for a brilliant advert.Really award winning la.Better than all the other guys.Sure they're other adverts and I could go on my mindless rant making fun of each one of them but I have work at the moment and will continue some other time ehhe

BTW Pelf, I sent you the card(s). =)




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Anonymous hizzilitis said...

*takes hats off to digi too*
love the digi football ads too.
"wei, kayu, banana, that's a foul!"
i love that line.

12:08 AM  
Blogger Emmanuel said...

hehe yeah dude...loved the Bhai man the most..

2:12 PM  

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