Monday, June 26, 2006

I've Given Up Hope On Malaysian Politics!

First of all Yvy, if you're reading, the Penang post is not done yet OK, I just posted pictures in photobucket and Friendster just got banned in my workplace.Thats no fun, especially when you're in IT department and people assume naturally you can wave a magic wand and make the buffer page go away.Sorry people, I'm in a different team all togather.I seriously have much better things to do than ban websites, especially those that I like.Better things like faking golf, trying to look like a serious gym rabbit(I'm too un-fit to be a bunny) or gaining back the calories in a cup of strawberry flavoured soya milk(my latest oral fixation...)

But I've given up hope on Malaysian politics la, seriously.Gone are the days where Dr M would take a swipe at Harun Din, or where Lim Keng Yaik will hentam Kit Siang and then punches were thrown between Karpal and Samy Vellu.

Nowadays barb trading has taken a more racial connotation where everybody is so damned testy about everything.UMNO which all the while I held in great respect as they were the only ones seemingly doing their job well.....lately made me gape in awe with certain actions taken by it... Apart from the Badut from Jerai,you have clowns barging into offices of the comrades, or at least the last I checked supposed to be comrade la and serving this memo la la that memo la.I mean as far as I am concerned, memos are meant to be served in offices telling you what time the pantry closed.Barging into people's offices and serving papers is either a 'saman' or protest notice.Either way, thats not nice la.If someone is gonna barge into my office in the middle of the night, they better have a birthday cake, a promotion letter or a winning lottery ticket lest I throw a walkie talkie at their head and strangle them with network cables.

And Maika(MIC) has decided to vote in Datuk Seri's team in.Good  la, party solidarity and all, but Datuk Seri, if I may be as so bold(in case ppl wondering my no 'racun' in this post of mine...its coz I recently decided while I object to ISA and support its abolishment,BUT while it exists I stand a great chance of entering into it not as a tourist but as a guy who will get blindfolded and sodomized by a fat hairy bear of a man called Bob who will probably whack me like a piece of garment with a stubborn stain and yell his wifes name while doing so) as to suggest don't take everything sooo personally.Not everyone is out to dethrone you so relax la....Kesian PAC sometimes, they also want government post, they also doing their job.

As for MCA and Gerakan,Hero Ong Ran Ting (Ka...Ka Ting,Emmanuel,remember that!)and Well-Salivated LKY seem to be doing better nowadays- no complains there.

And on the other side of the fence, the opposition has decided to throw the honorary titles of 'Mahafiraun,Mahazalim and so on... out the windw and cheer Dr M on.Good for them.

But the crux of my argument is no matter how much I blog on, think, talk, cheer or jeer, no one gives a damn about my opinion on Malaysian Politics anyway.So from now on I am gonna blog about happy things like how to get high sniffing dog poo, or which char koay teow stall serves the blackest noodles ever.Ah f*ck it, who am I kidding ;)


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Anonymous Proud Malaysian said...

Yo! To all malaysian,

Hi there, I think all of us are suffering the so called "rakyat tak ada duit" here, everyone of us don't have enough money to go through everyday life. Is this what we want for our future? As what Najip said, we have to changed our life style, is he asking us to change to be in poverty? shit him.
I'm very respect to Dr.M, he is a very visionary leader, he can balance the "mood" in this multi racial country, but wat the f*** pak lah had been doing for these while? translate msia to be an islamic country? asking buddhist, christian, hindu to wear tudung? frankly speaking, I'm not racist, but if I'm asking muslim to wear sari or cheongsam, u guys like it o not? We are heading towards globalisation now, and the effect will become more and more obvious in the near future, so we as a Malaysian should put the religion and race stuff aside and concentrate on building our beloved nation, make it a safer and nicer place for our next generation, pls dun think of ourself benefit only, think it as a whole, as a nation. If we still fighting each other in our own country, in the near future, we will be beating up by China, India, Russia, East Europe, Thailand and ........ many more countries which they are developing their skills and country very very fast right now.

1:29 AM  
Anonymous Makoto Shishio said...

Lets put a stop to this. Join my army, the Jupon Kattana. And together we'll wield the samurai way to victory.

As they say, the pen is mightier then a sword That my friend is a BS. Ppl are still afraid of da sword, especially parang wielding man in a tux.

After all only the strong shall survive and the weak shall perish!

7:46 AM  
Blogger Emmanuel said...

proud malaysian: exactly!

shisio:aren't you Kenshin's sports commentator :P

11:01 AM  
Blogger Nardev said...

hey dude, don't stop ah. Ur scoop on msian politics offers an insight comparable to the economist. Respek

9:37 AM  
Anonymous yvy said...

aiyoo....kena ban pulak. cis..maybe if u do the chicken dance instead of a wave of the hand, it might just do the job. ;P

2:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

don quit writing about politics in bolehland.stand up for what u believe in.your view do make a difference....

9:13 PM  
Blogger Emmanuel said...

yvy- how come u got ban?or do u mean me?

annonymous- i seriously doubt it but of course will put your ciew into consideration in future blabbers.thanks for visiting and cheers!

8:47 PM  
Blogger Hero Melayu said...

politics is an art that needs to be mastered. it has been around since the days of Adam and Eve. in layman's term, it's management of people, and that is the toughest to do. you should join a party (assuming you haven't) and see how complicated things get at cawangan level, let alone bahagian, state and federal. I say, don't just complaint about it, do something about it!

10:48 PM  
Blogger Emmanuel said...

Hero- I am not a member of any party but most of my close friends are on both side sof the fence.I , through some NGOs I am affliated to, deal with political parties on a regular basis.My Friendster profile clearly shows my political alignments.What I was referring to was not the Management of Malaysian Parties, but the level at which politics in Malaysia is played out.

As for politics being an art, I think you've been reading to much of Niccolo Machiavelli or Thomas More.Or maybe Sun Tzu..But either way,to me, politics is as much an art as a electric lamp painted yellow and stuck into a used toilet bowl, put on a pedestal and decorated with coloured rice shavings :- It may appear so to some :)


7:50 PM  

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