Thursday, June 01, 2006

Malaysia in the Year 2020 Part 2

Political Front

MCA and Gerakan would be merged to be called the All Night Long Party.MIC will still be led by Samy Vellu.UMNO and PAS will still be arguing.DAP will still be banging the gong.There should be a new party called the Mix Race party, that promotes racial harmony and corss-racial marriages to ensure the survival of the 'cap cengs' or cross breeds like myself.This party will most likely be spearheaded by a Chindian who pretends to be a Eurasian coz he/she has a Spanish surname(though his/her ancestors really hailed from a kampung in southern India and was named after the Jesuit who baptised him/her)

Cross Border Relations

Tension foreseen with Singapore especially after they build three nukes and aimed it right at KLCC.Malaysia would've retaliated by hiding some missiles under KLCC Twin Towers and an armed spaceship shaped like a gasing in KL tower.Apart from that, they have mobilized all the former WW1 British planes and Japanese Zero fighters that were shot down by the British.To top it all off, its now powered by biodiesel, so in between blowing each other up, they are in a way conserving the environment.Myanmar will still be ruled by the junta who has 3/4 of the nation in house arrest for eating ricde too loudly and Indonesia will be ruled by its 1073rd president after the 1072nd was overthrown by university students on his 13th day in office, (due to a tremendous scandal that claims he once immorally and sinfully slept with his wife)

General Lifestyle

Clubbing has been banned in Kelantan so more clubs have been introduced in Brickfields to compensate.As the price of petrol is now extremely high, mamak stalls have mushroomed and after evolving with Wifi and Astro, now offers full fledged waiter service,table reservation, chef recommendation and a whole host of other things which makes it more or less the same price as Tai Thong.Despite this constant whining Malaysians are buying more essential things that they don't need such as a year's gym membership used twice a year (with the new breakway gyms like Common Man Fitness,where no celebrity would dream of going , San Fransisco Fitness - a combination of San Fransisco Steakhouse and a gym,and Worked Out, where you can listen to jazz music and drink alcahol  while on a treadmill), 4 water filters for their water filteration system, and air freshners for the outdoors.More and more ridiculously large hypermarkets emerge with the latest one being as big as the state of Perlis, and you need a golf buggy to drive around it.


Media Prima Group buys over all the cinemas and every channel in the country and now produces quality shows that people love like Edisi Siasat:Mandarin, Edisi Siasat : Edsisi Karam Singh Walia, Edisi Siasat: Versi Hantu, Edisi Siasat: Kompilasi Mingguan, 999,994,991, Misteri Nusantara,Misteri Rantauan,Misteri Malaysia, Bersamamu,Jejak Kasih and more fun, vibrant, entertaining programs while opening up Channel 11,12,13,14,17 and 77 all showing the same thing.Meanwhile, tv1 and 2 continue to cry fowl over the rise of media prima and claims its a government conspiracy and insisiting that FAM football should be given a much higher ranking as it is more interesting than EPL and that showing a live telecast of the Parliament is contrary to all major religious teachings in Malaysia, and that it is highly immoral and sensitive and could crash our economy.

I wonder if there is more i can write...hmmm



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