Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Phuket Trip Part 1

Ah..where do I begin....our trip to Phuket by the team's execs/managers.It was um, interesting to begin with where about 80% of the objectives were met.Of course, the objectives was sun,sea,sand and girls. As for sun, I ended up with dry lips, so check.Sea, well, I did smell something salty la, i think it was ham, at least, so check.Sand, yeap did step on the beach-check again.As for girls, err, no comment(read: read on la)

Chapter 1: The departure

We hit the road in 3 F1 cars driven by our resident F1 kakis (Imagine 20 years of road rage)who sent us there in one piece(ribuan terima kasih) followed by our first twenty photos in and around the LCCT.It was seriously low cost, people had to sit on the floor pipes and conveyor belts.The only thing not low cost was the food.Now everybody can fly, but not everyone can eat.Finally the plane took off, yes folks despite having me on board.

Chapter 2: The arrival

We stopped to be greeted by colorful people who kept trying to sell us stuff.When we told them politely no, they smiled and then tried to sell us some other stuff!Then a wonderful marketing strategy employed by our neighbours was uncovered.Taxi drivers(who btw drive big cars, not our Iswaras) stops us by some shop in the middle of nowhere thats supposed to be a travel agent I suppose.There we were dragged out of our car and kena psycho kau kau about how cheap they can get us stuff and all.All the while, I had images of sheep being led to the slaughterhouse playing through my head.I wnder why...

Chapter 3: The Hotel

Was greeted by this beautiful hotel on a small bukit.Nice- Phuket- we go upstairs and the first signboard that greets me, instead of Sawadee Ka or Welcome to Phuket, is a big fat signboard reading "Warning- Tsunami Hazard Area.Safe Area 300m. In event of emergency, move inland or to higher ground." Um, OK...not very reassuring, but then I was soon in the holiday mood as a big van with some gorilla on it started playing Metalicca music and had a poster on it going "Tribute to Metalicca at Patong Beach- We will rock your ass off"
Even though had very little intention of going, it was like insurance, knowing it was there was some form of consolation.Besides, if I failed to get laid on this trip, I can always tell my friends how cool the Metallica T-Shirts were.

The bitch of it is, it was a beautiful,rather spacious ultra modern hotel with luxurious facilities, but had NO LIFT.I got a room int he third floor, and to top it off there was a small climb over a hill, and 2 flieet of stairs before you reach the first floor.So after walking around town, you really just feel like sleeping in the pool.

Chapter 4: Malam Pertama
To be continued with added pics muahahha


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This welcoming and newly renovated guesthouse offers a clean, comfortable and well operated personalized stay. The ideal location and easy access to a wide range of local amenities make it ideal for the traveler or vacationer that wants peace and relaxation while still being close to everything.


There are 2 comfortable newly refurbished rooms for rent. The smaller of the two rooms has a fair sized balcony with a relaxing mountain view . The second room trades the balcony for space and also enjoys a mountain view. Both rooms are fitted with new air conditioners, ceiling fans, fridges, TV's, en-suite showers, beds, wardrobes and dressers.


Guests enjoy full access to the Elephant and Bulldog Pub. Relax and cool-off in this air-conditioned and fan cooled local favorite. The bar has three TV's showing a wide range of sports and films. There is a pool table (free game if you buy a beer), and a decent selection of music.

The pub also offers a selection of regional Thai and Asian cuisine and pub favorites.

Laundry service is available for a modest fee.


If you want some freedom to explore, choose from 2 motorbikes for hire: a SUZUKI GSXR400RR and a HONDA CBR400RR. Hire rate is 600 BAHT a day.


The rooms and bar are conveniently situated just 100m's from the beach on the quiet side of town. Patong Beach is known for some of the most pristine beaches in Thailand.


Known as the most developed beach resort in Phuket the town centre of PATONG BEACH is only 10 minutes walk away or a minute taxi drive. There are plenty of shops, bars, and restaurants etc to explore. If you want lots of action, BANGLA ROAD, in the centre of town is host to all different styles of bars and the odd go-go strip clubs.


Vary depending on number of people, length of stay, and seasonality.

7:56 PM  
Blogger Emmanuel said...

eh dah pergi balik la

7:59 PM  
Blogger Lizzam said...

my best bet is, all the 'malam pertama' being repeated for 2 posts already, is just:

a) to preapre us with your story with an eX-Man (read: used to be a man), or

b) a spin off, similar to what Siti Nurhaliza's wedding gossip did for her album.

erm...what's with the advert post?delete la wei, buat penat aku scroll je

9:09 PM  
Blogger Emmanuel said...

No strictly female tree climbing- only cave explorations :P

7:49 PM  

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