Saturday, May 13, 2006

Thoughful Rant

Disclaimer:A sabbatical from cheerful posts to ponder on my life.

Spent a good part of the morning looking at pics of my ex girlfriend, our old love letters and what not and felt very sentimental, old and to some part, regretful.But then another chapter of my life has just opened.

Thoughts drifted to my goals and ambitions, what I set out to do.Somehow I feel my pace have slackened of late.Back in college I was juggling 3 jobs and a study course, and managed to have a pathetic, near nonexistent but still surviving social life.But now, I have my job and my small time part time source of income.I used to have this big dreams of a great education spanning to multiple post grads, a terrific life with great cashflow, a loving family and all of that.But I believe we were not meant to have EVERYTHING now.I believe we were put here in a short span of time, to make the most of it, to make each moment count, to take what we need and to leave this world a little bit better than the way it was when we came into it.

Having new friends, both from work and renewed long lost friendships have broadened my horizons in unbelieavable ways.In perspective, how much does one really need.You only live for so long.In the end all you will have are memories.Memories of backpacking with your high school friends.Of getting stoned with your college buddies, and cracking crazy jokes with your collegues.Of course, ambition and everything else drives you and keeps you going but you need some other motivation sometimes.To drive you need fuel.I think I just found that fuel.Its name is FUN-1 and its formula includes friends, alcahol and females.


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