Sunday, June 11, 2006

Dato' Seri Abdullah- Think of us little guys!

Yes...the clash of the titans has occured.The Old PM Vs New PM.Both presenting themselves as champions of transparency,democracy and moderation.What a load of horseshit.

Tun Dr M -You put into place the mechanism to control free speech, the mechanism which you are  now complaining and whining about.You've spent loads of government money and now asking the present administration to spend more.And Dato Seri Abdullah, is clear you are more open than Dr M, but there's about where your 'better' part ends.Everything else about your administration shares a lot in common with Tun Dr M's.

Its easy for you guys to ask us to adjust our lifestyles.You guys live in palaces built on sweat and blood of the people.Its easy for you to tell us to share your burden.Who is sharing ours?What exactly is the government sacrificing?

OK cut down infrastructure projects, make people lose more jobs, cut down road improvements, street lights and road signs, make more people die on the road each year.Go ahead, make more beautiful and majestic government complexes and offices so important to your 'image' and let foreign fleet admirals, ministers, kings adore and praise you and say we just wanna be like Malaysia.Ignore the millions struggling to live in this beautiful country.

The police beat us on the road when we complain about rising fuel prices.A few sen a barrel means nothing to you people.Government MPs, public servants with fat paychecks, ADUNs, Ministers etc. Your allowances and mileage claims are amazing.What about us, the little guys?Who is going to reimburse our travelling expenses?Inflation is on the rise.Lessen our expenses you say.How?Show us how.Live on a meagre paycheck and then tell us how.

The country should be prosperous.How long are we supposed to tolerate substandard 'international' quasi-governmental giant companies milking Malaysia for all its worth?How long are we going to stay silent?When you push a cat into a corner, it strikes back.Elections are around the block.Do something.Prove yourselves to be the champions of the people that claim to be.

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Anonymous Pah Lah said...

Tidak APa...Tidak APa...u hantam sama kita rakyat malaysia.

I say....COme Work with Me...not Come Kutuk Me...

Kalo u mau kutuk...kasi kutuk itu Uncle Samylar. Apasaaaaaaal itu lu punya sedara kar. Tidak Apa...Tidak Apa...Kita bisa menerima...

7:27 AM  
Blogger Emmanuel said...

Ye la tu pakcik.

11:12 PM  
Anonymous Uncle Samy said...

Aperker kena mengena saya sama ini semua.

Kalo tidak berkenaan adegan pada yang amat berhormat perdana menteri dan kapada Tun, tolong jangan ungkit sama saya dalam isu terdekat ini.

Saya amatler sibuk membuka saluar itu panderhaka Subra. Akan tatapi, dukacitalar saya
dikaitkan sama isu ini.

Walaubagaimanaapapun, saya masih menyokoong Yang Amat Berhormat Pak Lah atas RM9 yg menjanjikan labiih wang kapada saya.

Dangen ini, saya sudahi dengan pantun 4 rangkap

Gen 2olak Merah, dibawa Tambhi
Tambhi meruntuh MRR2 Lagi
Jangan sakali sakali tuduh Sammy
Nanti hantar Subra main bon**t lagi

10:37 AM  
Blogger Emmanuel said...

Wei dato seri jagala itu kepong bridge dulu.merengek sini sana.hentam dr m la, hentam subra la hentam shahrir la

7:58 AM  

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