Monday, June 19, 2006

Does God really needs defending?

I had an amazing trip to Penang and even bumped into a blogger who's wackier than me(and more sarcastic-and that is really rare la), but I'll post about that tommorow.I just had to post something's that been on my mind for some weeks now and I need to get it out of my system.

I've been thinking about apologetics and what not and how people get so emotional and riled up when issues pertaining to religion is brought up.For those of you reading at this point and decided that I've embraced Flower Power and become a hippie no thanks to being influenced by the blinking ICQ icon, you're mistaken.

I mean logically.God is omnipotent.God is all-powerful and all-goodness.He is infinite.Does he really need all these people milling around and defending His name?I mean He already has legions of Angels and what not.As a direct result of religious conviction(or fanaticism, mere semantics)Whether is Bible thumping to a jewish rabbi in a 'friendly' 'debate' or throwing grenades into each other's places of worship, saying my God is right and your God is wrong.Do you really think God would be pleased/appeased/bothered that you're doing that?

I personally God would be much more happier to have His followers speak up against the voiceless ones, where the ill are unattended, the weak opressed, the poor sidelined from development. Where animals are treated with more humanity than homeless people, where a kid is thrown out of school because of prejudice?Where in some cultures rape and murder are vessels of firebrand justice.

My logic?God is already all powerful, he does not need my serving.His people does.So abandon your narrow self righteous convictions where it comes to downplaying someones colour or creed in the name of God.For if seen in that light, you would've attributed every major war in history to Him.Look at the bigger picture.

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Blogger Nardev said...

couldnt' agree more

11:06 AM  
Blogger Emmanuel said...

hehe...glad to know a scholarly person agrees with me hehehe

9:03 PM  
Blogger The Hedonese said...

Hey bro! I wish more religious folks wud get together and speak up for the oppressed too...

Yet... logically, it wud be wise to distinguish violent apologetics (ie throwing grenades, narrow minded, rhetorical) from conversational apologetics (ie open minded, loving and respectful)

For example, the Da Vinci Code novel which has caused folks in the Catholic church rightly flustered with its wild conspiracies...

I'd not want them to start issuing fatwas against Tom Hanks! (bad apologetics)

But i think you were doing the right thing in being informed abt what and why you believe, and share your faith with others, clear up misconceptions in a way that is winsome and respectful...

That is apologetics at its best. ANd we need more of tat too ;)

God doesn't need our defence. But our blur brethren who knows nuts abt church history do! :D

11:57 PM  
Blogger Imurann said...

the human mind, guess there's the source of why most ppl still dont get the picture that we see, emman :)

(even for me, it just took me around age 7 to understand all this, and pretty much it became clearer today, never underestimate one's perceptions)

I have my responsibiliy, so I'll do my part. that is all :) right

4:27 AM  
Blogger Emmanuel said...

Hedonese: very true as well.
Imurann:Age 7? Wah you were the little kid in the kopia doing da'wah to me la when I was a little boy :P Oh wait, you were in Brunei...

9:29 AM  

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