Friday, March 20, 2009

Definitions of Moments

"WWW Moment"- The second between the time after you type "www." on your browser window and the time you take to figure out which site you want to visit next to waste your company's time.

"WTF Moment"- (1) The daze you find yourself in when you cannot decide what to respond when you are asked by your other half if she looks better in champagne,mocha or chardonnay.

(2) The look in your face when a bicycle overtakes your car.

"UN Moment" - The temporary confusion stemming from being in the same project meeting as an Indian program team lead, a Chinese systems team lead, a German engineering team lead, an American financier, A Japanese joint partner, a Malay CEO, a Chinese contractor and an Indonesian cleaner.

"Tak Nak Moment"- The second of hesitation experienced before lighting a cigarette where images of posters you drew as a child against smoking come flashing past your brain.

"Chua Soi Lek Moment" - The feeling you're being spied upon when you undo your fly in a public toilet.

"Smoke Gets In Your Eyes Moment"- The few seconds in a street demo where you get to watch a smoke bomb right before it drops on a street in front of you and releases tear inducing chemicals.

"Nazri Moment"- A burst of anger you suddenly feel for no particular reason to suddenly get up and insult another person's ethnicity.


Blogger Lyn Halim said...

"(2) The look in your face when a bicycle overtakes your car"

hmm.. bitter experience talking?

Owh by the way.. my word verification today is: phoneceks

nope. no sms.


11:30 PM  
Blogger Mathan said...

Hey Emmanuel,

Check out my blog. I am sure the net-savvy citizens would have seen it by now.

I think there is potential for annual reporting to be an extremely interesting way to reach the people, tell them why they need to vote for us again every year for 4 years.

People would know their own locality. Saying you have 7 overhead bridges built would ignite local children to cycle past every one of them. It would be interesting when they find only 5... Then we can have an episode of "Kids say the darnest things!"

6:35 PM  
Blogger Emmanuel said...

Lyn-Evil la You.Where to club this week?

Mathan-So what you got me from India?Please don't bring back programmers or Thosai.We have enough here :P

2:35 PM  

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