Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Things the Malaysian Government needs to learn

They need to learn this, and quickly too, or risk being sucked into oblivion, to be forever forgotten along with pogo sticks and the Spice Girls.Well, at least the Spice Girls gave us hot music videos.

1)The will of the people cannot be denied.No court, no judge, no royalty, no political mastermind or all powerful overlord will be able to deny the will of the people. They can attempt to suppress it, try to contain it and move to quell any uprising, but they must learn that true dissent is not seen on the streets, in brochures, meetings, state or illegal assemblies. True dissent is just a tiny seed planted in the minds and hearts of the people and if ill-attended to, the seeds can and will be a bramble wall that impedes every single step of those who would try to drive a wedge between the masses and their wishes.

2)The people are not stupid. In fact, they are in many case even more well informed than the Ministry of Information. Bureaucracy means that bloggers and citizen journalists need not seek 8 approvals prior to publishing their news and views like their MSM counterparts.

3) The Opposition is no longer a weak punching bag. They are the legitimate state governments for five states out of thirteen and are a few seats shy of controlling half of the federal Parliament. This means foreign countries, investors, news agencies,people and benefactors take them far more seriously now. This also means more political and financial clout.

4) Angry people will never be silenced. Threaten them, arrest their lawyers, throw water cannons at them, in shake your giant oversized ego at them,sponsor 'rival' NGOs, they don't care. They will keep on talking the walk and walking the talk, and more people will join the march.

5) Patience is an exhaustive resource.Everyone has a limit.Gone are the ghosts of May 13, the days where people bought half truths and whole lies propagated by the MSM. By pushing the people's envelope of patience, by creating a false sense of fear, telling lie after lie, and suppressing people's desires, they are merely thinning this very limited, near depleted resource.

6)Struggles not based on just values always fails.Forming government to serve and forming government to be served are two very different things. People are no longer oblivious to this, they can no longer afford to be. While many would tolerate you licking your hands when handling the honey, proclaiming virtue while drinking from the honeypot now will be spat upon.

7)Might is no longer always right.Publicly flouting the rule of law and democracy sickens the executed and eventually, the executors.Even if you keep sending your pet Doberman to keep mauling helpless neighbourhood cats, one day the Doberman will turn on you, even if its not because of mercy, logic, or fear of God, but out of boredom and mental torture.

Learn it quick, or don't. Better the latter, so PR can have a shot at ruling :)

8)You reap what you sow.Sow love, get love.Sow hate, get hate.Pepper spray an SA, be prepared to get pepper sprayed back.



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