Tuesday, February 17, 2009

In Defense of Eli

Who died and appointed Khir Toyo as Selangor's moral guardian?She should resigns says Captain Botox.

Look into your own backyard,Dato'.

Those commenting on the issue shamelessly speaking on morality probably are the very same bastards who fuck shemales in Pattaya.

Never mind their personal lives, because personal sex life is just what it is, personal.Its amazing to see Wanita MCA do the right thing for once.Its sad to see so many judging the poor YB.

How many of us have at one point of time trusted someone who ended up misplacing the trust?

How many times have one of us slept shirtless?

How many of us can honestly say we are so holy we have not seen a shirtless girl or a lady in panties?

Show me one such person who is not a priest, and I'll show you a homosexual starfish.

People should stop judging Eli, coz really who the fuck are we to judge her?

No one.


Blogger Mathan said...

I agree dude. I agree.
Using a "stunt" like that is like using toilet humour in the middle of parliament session...oh wait, that happens...sigh.

12:56 PM  

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