Friday, July 04, 2008

What could happen in the coming days

The number of statuory declarations being done, then being undone, the flip flop statements of those who walk the corridors of power and the sheer sensational nonsense of actions taken, or in some cases not taken by the present administration has left everyone, I guess prepared for any eventuality.

Here's what could happen in the coming days, weeks and months that would really not surprise me if it does happen.

1.Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor comes forward and says she was the one who sodomized Saiful.She does not specify how or when, then takes a flight off to London to buy some Jimmy Choos.She returns home as Datuk Rosman Mansor and disappears from the public eye.

2.PKR aides turns the tables on Saiful and accuses Saiful of sodomizing all of them.Some students from UNITEN also accuse Saiful of the same thing.Among other accusers of this includes an ayam kampung, a squirrel, a polar bear and a tree.The ayam kampung cries while relating this tale.

3.Pak Lah suffers from spontaneous combustion due to the heat of stress in a public gathering.Najib spotted behind the trees with plastic explosives.

4.Due to the commotion over Ketuanan Melayu and Arus Politik Baru, our founding fathers rise form the dead and roam the streets.But they cannot find their way around as BN has changed all the street names.Tired and bored, they return to their graves.

5.Some Malay words become banned in the Kamus Dewan. Words like 'sodok', 'sula', 'cucuk' are replaced, example "YAB menggunakan penyodok untuk menggali kubur politik sendiri" is replaced with "YAB menggunakan alat berhulu kayu disambung kepada kepingan besi leper untuk menggali kubur politik sendiri"

6.Parliament goes into a state of chaos after an MP accidentally apologizes to the Chair "Maaf, Saya Lewat' as 'Maaf saya Liwat'. The Speaker replies 'Tak apa, banyak orang hari ini Liwat'
The MP for Muar as usual calls for the poor guy to be faced to the Parliamentary Select Commitee for Rights and Privilages.

7.Jesus prepares for his Second Coming.He arrives at Malaysia, takes a look around and was last seen shaking his head, heading back to heaven and mumbling 'Guess I'll wait a few more centuries for all the Satans to die off'.

8.In an effort to remain united, Barisan MPs now gather in front of Parliament every morning and sing the Village People song "Why, MCA?"

9.Saiful Bukhari is declared the 6th Prime Minister of Malaysia.

10.We find someone more colourful, entertaining and less smarter than Saiful Bukhari.


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