Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A reply in Saiful

OK, so your boyfriends' really dumb and a college dropout, wannabe glamour take photo and camwhoring his face every nook and cranny with ministers to take photos and upgrade his social status.

Does this SOUND like a guy whose been sodomized repeatedly?First of all, look at DSAI.Then look at your boyfriend.Does it even look possible that Anwar can overpower your boyfriend.In the court of law, people need to justify motive and opportunity.An Anwar had very little motive.For the sake of argument, if DSAI really wanted to sodomize someone, he would have done it outside the country!Especially with his current social standing!!He has a beautiful wife, what does he want with your boyfriend?

Consider this website-
Wake up and smell the coffee, my dear, the noose was tightening around your dear fiance's neck, people were beginning to suspect him and instead of doing the smart thing and resign, which we would expect, but with someone with such a low CGPA( read: Pelajar lembap) I would expect nothing less of him.
Even before this stunt, why would you chose to be with someone who, at 23, does not even know what the heck he wants from life(political aide,student leader, engineer, now enrolled in flight school?)

Or perhaps he knew all along what he wanted to be- the next Ummi Hafilda or Monica Lewinsky, albeit a male version.I agree that you should not have been dragged into this, and understand that you think that the honourable thing is to stand by your man.
My take on this- its going to be ugly, and the evidence points heavily and unfavorably at your fiance.When Anwar vindicates/exonerates himself as he always does(1998,2008GE) you will be between a rock and a hard place.As you know Azizan is not exactly Mr Popular now.So make the wise decision.Think for yourself.May you have a good life.
And may all those who bear false witness against their neighbours darkest pits of hell.


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