Thursday, June 26, 2008

My first post on DAPSY Klang's Website

Malaysia is a country frought in imperfection.Wastage.Cronyism.Dirty politics.Corrupt officials.Lopsided policies.Biased government agencies.A public policy that does not favour the public.We are far from perfect.Really,really far.In the face of adversity , one has many options.When you place a hard carrot in boiling water, the carrot becomes soft.When you place a fragile egg into boiling water, it becomes hard.But when you place coffee seeds into boiling water, the water becomes coffee.In the first two instances, the situation changes the object.In the third, the object changes the situation.
That, my friends is our struggle.
We can opt, in the face of injustice and difficulty, to weaken, become soft and give up.Or we can harden our hearts and leave this country, or go against the odds and succeed.Or we can change this country.Forum by forum.Protest by protest.Heart by heart, slowly and surely.
We have enough politicians in this country.We have enough noisemakers.We have enough fiery speeches coupled with hollow bravado and strong language.What we do not have enough of, in this country, is heart.
In solidarity with each other, may we discover this heart, this humanity so that our very weakness, our humanity, can be turned into our strongest strength.May we live to see the day, that people turn to us for inspiration, for guidance and above all, for heart.
To borrow a quote from my good friend Shen, may we create history, build legacies and make a difference.
Let’s make every second count.Today.Tommorow.And always.
Here’s to heart, my friends.


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