Sunday, June 03, 2007

An Open Letter to the Government of Malaysia

Enough is enough.Seriously.Stop pretending there is peace and goodwill and a great booming economy.Stop the lies, and handle it.For once.Please.And look at the problems at hand.

To the Minister of Consumer Affairs...

Stop walking around the supermarkets and performing cheap publicity shots by saying everything is under control then running and hiding like a mouse every time the prices spiral.Stop calling all the hypermarkets and mamak shop owners and make them promise to not raise prices.Its only gonna last a few months and you very well know it.Tell the truth for once, that we're screwed.That the prices will go up soon enough and catch up with us.Stop asking us to save money and change our lifestyle,and deal with it, because if we change it one or two more times, we would be hunting and scavenging for food.

To the Minister in the Prime Minister's Department, the de facto ministers of Law.

Stop making Christians and Buddhists and Hindus go to the Shariah court for cross-religious issues.That's as bad as us asking you to go to a Magisterium ruled by Christian Canon Law, or an Indian village panchayam. Do unto others what you shall have others do unto you.The IFC is not all evil.Please don't take anything and everything people say about religion as sensitive and sweep it down the carpet.You're only worsening the situation as people's emotions are bottle up, and may explode someday.

To the Minister of Works

If the buildings are flawed, please do something about it.I worry and fear the day I walk into some goverment office and the whole roof comes crashing down my head.Stop blaming everyone else for a change.You'll find people will love you more.Coz everytime it seems its either the Health Ministry, the Education Ministry or the EPU.

To the Minister of Finance

Our economy is going down the drain.Inflation is up, prices of items are up, fuel prices are up, unemployment is high, wages are low and people cannot afford to live nowadays.Please stop telling us everything is okay, plug the revenue leaks in the government in the forms of corruption etc and restore our faith in your public office.

To the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister

Please look at the state of our country, take a real good look and then tell us everything is alright.Please tell us that race relations are all cheery and good when you refuse to have anything to do with the IFC, or any non Muslim event nowadays.Tell us this is not a bad sign.Tell us that Lina Joy's issue, and your disturbing silence over this, and your reluctance to give a clear direction as to the status of the Syaria and Civil courts in this country is not a bad sign.

Reassure us that you silence, which is allowing people to speculate on all this, is not a bad sign.

Malaysia is not at a crossroads.We have long past that crossroad and looks like we're spriralling down to the deepest pits of hell.A U turn is so badly needed now.

Your silence, the Government, will make this matters even worse.We need clear direction, not ambiguity and a lukewarm neutral answer.

I guess there is hope in it all.Finally, voices of reason are beggining to speak out against all this, and finally the world has woken up to the fact that Malaysia is not such a secular country after all.I am part of this country, and it greaves me so to see her make one blunder after the other to the point where now, she has so openly been mocked by the world.

And so the charade ends and the bubble bursts, and the curtain comes down on the stage play that has callled itself harmonious and just.Malaysia Boleh, indeed.




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Blogger River of Karma said...

U've been tagged....check Expedited for more info.

1:45 PM  
Blogger Caretaker said...

Tagged in what? Open letter? Dude this does not work. For sure the guys from ministry will not read it, but others would. The world would.

But dude, its been great to hear people like you still trying to make a difference.

2:11 PM  

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