Saturday, April 14, 2007

FAQ for all Malaysian Religious Zealots

This goes out to all those religious idiots out there who wholeheartedly believe their god 'chosen' race shall inherit the earth,and heaven, and the stars, and everything in between and anyone who so much as sympthaizes for the other religions, us..the stone, moon, rock and tree worshippers should perish in an eternal flame while they run around naked around some holy nude photo of some porn star while they wank themselves to blindness,celebrating the death of their enemies....and their newfound freedom to well, wank themselves like a blind chicken .PLEASE READ THIS...I believe it answers most of the questions you have for us.Also applies to racist chauvinist bigots who believe their lack of capacity in bed can be compensated with hollow bravado and talking big cock instead of having the latter.

Q:Why do you keep interfering in our religion?Can you not mind your own?

A:Coz you made it our business by dragging our people to your courts, exhuming the graves of our family members because somewhere, someone heard the dead guy say something close to "I converted".When actually, all he could have said, in context, would've been.... "I converted all my Malaysian ringgit to USD coz I had it with this crazy country and I'm getting out of here"

Q:Why don't you just go back to China or India?

A:Coz I have as much as, if not more reason to be here.Only in this country, would the government take away a perfectly good, profitable GLC from a hardworking Malaysian, give it away free of charge to another, maybe not so hardworking Malaysian,maybe coz they're friends, then pump in millions of dollars to save it, give up trying and try and sell it to a foreigner, and call everything they have done as something 'in the best interest of the nation'. Coz it wasn't the Chinese or Indians who terjun into the pineapple plantations, cut off our power supplies or stole your grandfather's bicycles.Coz if we go, there won't be mamak stalls anymore.Worse still, you'll have no one to tax, and no one to alibaba your projects to.

Q:The DAP is a chauvinistic and racist party.MCA and Gerakan are also racist.Doesn't supporting them make you racist?

A:That does not justify waving a keris at us.If we are racist then the policies and social agenda implemented by the government made us so.The principles fought for by Gerakan and DAP are universal in nature.However supporting them and being a Malay somehow does not gel, perhaps owing again to the principles of national policy that makes it such that if you venture out of your ethnic gang, you stray and look like a traitor to the cause.

Q: We are clearly the majority, we meaning left wing fundies.The rest of you should shut up and abide by our laws.

A:Look, here is some simple math.Malaysia is an approximately 50% Muslim and 50% non Muslim country.Safely, all 50% of non Muslims will not want a theocratic state.And even if everyone else does, just one or two Muslims who don't want a theocratic state will already tip the scales in favour of a secular country.I can name a few here, Walski, _earth, Nur Hidayat Nordin,Malik Ilmtiaz Sawar, Marina Mahathir and Zainah Anwar.Prove it in the ballot box, not by annoymous postings on cyberspace or terrorist like demos on the street.We do not need another Libya or Indonesia.

Q:We've given you so much space to practise your stupid lowly religions.What more do you want?

A:Tolerance does not mean giving someone a 4 by 4 cubicle with a statue of a god in it for twenty people to pray.In a truly religiously free country, people do not have to wait decades to build a church and beg for their temples not to be abolished.Having the largest Buddhist or Hindu statue in southeast Asia means very little if the tolerance stops there.Having large statues only makes tourists happy as they can snap more photos.

Q:Even though we are a Muslim country, we still allow you infidels to taint this holy earth with gambling in Genting and build the largest brewery in South East Asia.This proves we still tolerate you worthless scum.

A:Go ahead and close both down.Guess who makes the most out of gaming tax and liquor tax?
..To Be Continued..


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