Monday, March 12, 2007

The Week I Lost My Mind

No, I did not torch any houses down or yell at a abang polis trafik nor did i give a middle finger to an innocent heavily tatooed Indonesian worker(all these actions, are of course in reference to the title of this post :P .I literally lost/misplaced my mind for the last few days.Perhaps it was due to work related problems (those who know me well probably knows this well :P) or a the threat of legal issues and police reports looming over my head.But never mind that now, its all been cleared out of the way.But looking back at what I did during that was chuckle-worthy :))

1.Standing in front of a convenience store at my workplace for a while, I was wondering why the sliding doors did not work.Only after another dude walked in did I remember....the doors were not automated sliding doors, but push open doors.

2.On the way to a mall with some buddies, we were talking about Port Dickson.I was happily relating my experiences about how a buddy got stung by jellyfish when my friends burst out laughing.Apparently, I had started my sentence with "When I was up in Genting last time...." and they were wondering if a new species of flying jellyfish had started hanging out in our local casinoes.

3.Mixing up my two close Chinese friends Yap and Soo,i.e. calling Yap as Soo and vice versa.The argument "All Chinese boys look alike" cannot be used here for two reasons, one my mum is also Chinese, and two, Soo is smooth shaven, milk colored and could easily pass off as a girl if he wore a bra and a wig.Yap looks rugged, has an Adam's apple.Plus, one is very white, and the other is always red (like certain deep sea creatures,Yap reacts towards heat, alcohol and the presence of the opposite sex by flashing a bright red color to ward off predators and balance his delicate body temperature :P )

4.Almost putting a piece of charred pork lard into my mouth, thinking its a piece of 'char siew'.
(We had also ordered a side dish of char siew)When we went to eat at BBQ Plaza, I almost put in a piece of burnt lard (used for oiling the grill) into my mouth as I thought it was a piece of Char Siew..... (dramatic pause)....'nuff said.

5.Gave RM 5 to a guy for something that costs RM 5.10 and 'waited' for my change as I thought it was RM 3.10. The worse part was that I heard him say RM 5.10, but my partially switched off brain processed it as 3.10.Sigh.

6.When visiting a clinic , mispronounced lozenges as Los Angeles.Now that tops the cake la, coz its only something an Orang Asli kid whose been deprived of English material would do.

7.When playing Battle Realms, The 'Under Attack' icon kept popping up but everytime I checked my base it was not under attack.I just assumed it was one my scouts getting hammered by a moving army.I kept moving my army when I saw the 'Building on Fire' icon.To my horror,I realized I was playing as blue .Looking quickly in the blue base....I watched in horror as my last peasant hunt got razed to the ground.

Sigh.What a week.But on a nicer note it was my 101th day with my amazing girl.And I am still in love with her......stronger and more fervent than before.I love you, dear.

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Blogger pelf said...

WHOA! I like your #6! :) So did the nurse give you "the look"?

5:06 PM  

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