Saturday, May 26, 2007

My Comments on The Salary Hike for Civil Servants

Originally from Hafiz's  blog article comments section.


Note:Will be expanding on this soon.Apologies on the long hiatus.Was on assignment.


Its not going to solve the bridge of income between the civil service and private sector, only delay it for another round.The "Mendatar" and "Melintang" increment system is too outdated where even civil servants from the professional category only gets less than 200 per year, as opposed to as much as 400-600 in some private held companies,especially the larger ones like the one I am attached to.Also, this income disparity is further widened by the annual bonus payouts, which is in most cases significantly lesser in terms of quantum as well as gross amount,than the private sector.

Its a double edged sowrd situation where while the income per capita and disposable income level averages for the population increase, so does price hike occurences and so on.The biggest real estate hike in Malaysia occured during the last civil service salary increase.Those who benefit would be profiteering businessmen while the common man is left poorer.Unless they uniform out the civil service salary to a similar model to that of the private sector, this infinite loop of "Suffer 10 years-Attempt Leverage-Price Hikes/Inflation-Back To Square One" will continue.

Meritocracy should be introduced to the civil service as well.Rewarding the lazy and hardworking with the same amount, at least to me, is a mild form of Mao communism, all are given the same thing anyway.

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