Saturday, April 14, 2007

The current state of Politics in Malaysia

Yesterday, I attended a yum cha session with many interesting people from UPP, upon the invitation of saudara Shin. Among the more recognisable personalities that were there included Hazmi Hashim (candidate for PKR's Youth Wing presidency), Shen Yee Aun, Hafiz Noor Shams,
John Lee MK and Rozan Asen , PKR Youth Wing chief for Batu division.

Saudara Hazmi asked me over a Nescafe susu lembu....what I thought of Malaysian politics.My answer, was something along the lines of this...

UMNO-A party that stresses on and fights for , the need to be racially based, and racially biased.I believe that the notion that Malaysia is not yet mature enough for a multiracial political party to be only half true.The other half is that for UMNO to remain relevant, and by extension, remain in power,Malaysia must be divided among racial lines.UMNO is not racist, as long as you are Malay.

MCA-A party that stresses on, and supports an education agenda, as long as your dad or mum or uncle belongs to that party, and can get you into KTAR or UTAR.

MIC- A party that grew from mere estate workers and thugs that evolved into a party consisting today of, rich estate workers and thugs.

DAP-A multiracial party that boasts 700,000 members nationwide, including 2 Indians and 1 Punjabi.And a Malay whom I strongly suspect is either a paid actor or a senile homeless gentlemen that has been promised some food if he shows up in meetings.

PBS-A party of tribesmen turned tycoons.Friendly as long as they do not get tempted to board Air Asia's cheap flights to the mainland.

PAS-An ok party, but has a tendency to be biased to those who wear serban only.I could be a great scholar but as long as I do not wear serban, my thoughts are not quite relevant.

And finally the educated and gentle Hazmi asked me about PKR...

My response was....along the lines of..

"Even tainted as they are, all political parties mentioned have a warcry, a battlesong, a clear agenda.The focus of the party so far has been one man, Anwar.Now that he is free, what is your goals?What are your objectives?Are you liberal or pro-PAS?You are at a crossroads, and if you don't let people know what you plan to do and where you would take Malaysia, and do it soon, people will lose interest."

...To be Continued...


Blogger __earth said...

yo dude, glad to meet you!

You should have stayed longer. The meeting became heated just after you guys left!

9:34 PM  
Blogger Emmanuel said...


Yea expected it LoL...but had work la bro.We should meet up soon again...Exactly how Islam Liberal are you :P

Clubbing Ok?

Ala u US educated should be ok kan ... ^ ^

10:00 PM  
Blogger __earth said...

haha, I'm no islam liberal. I'm libertarian!

10:13 PM  
Blogger Niz said...

First up, welcome back, Emm. After all, the lovey dovey posts, I was thinking that we've lost a good 'un. ;) Secondly, interesting summary of Malaysian politics and shows a side of you which I never knew you had. As for the FAQ post ... seems a reaction to some other storms on the horizon. Relax brother. :)

10:54 AM  
Blogger hizzad said...

Sorry Emmanuel but I don't recall as to ever attending any DAP meeting maybe it was an open house?

1:08 PM  

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