Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Archbishop Milingo Excommunicated

Hmm....The second time something done by a namesake of mine is appearing in the news.

What was the first?Oh the Emperor who went and called Muhammad's teachings evil and inhuman.If the Pope would have quoted Muhammad Ali Jinnah's opinion on Gandhi, would the public view would have been more different?Perhaps to the more logical and rational Muslim writers who I suspect would either denounce the Pakistani founding father or would cry out of context.Either way its just a thought.

But therein lies the difference in the Church today and 500 years back.Today excommunication and a mild effort of explanation would be the Church's most likely action, when 500 years ago, the Jesuits, Dominicans and other eloquent orders would be roped in by the Holy See to wipe out the influence and keep the 'aqidah' intact at all costs.

A sign of religious maturity, complacency or weakness?I would vote the first.

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