Thursday, September 21, 2006

Evening Post

Will be posting my thoughts on the Pope's comments and the Thai takeover his evening after 'Swensens!


But simply put- I think the comments were taken way too seriously, way out of context and that the Thai military went out of line.

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Blogger Nizam Bashir said...


Before you begin your comment, permit me to humbly point you to Juan Cole's post on this issue.

Perhaps, a non-Muslim scholar's (I am saying this as he has some impressive title called President of Global American Institute ... whatever that means) viewpoint on this issue may provide a suitable point of reference even as you craft your detailed response to this issue. Still, his response appears scholarly and maybe that itself should qualify him for the scholar tag.

That said, the Pope has apologised and most Muslims are quite prepared to accept it and move on. We (Muslims) have got more important things to do like ... umm ... converting the rest of the world. ;)

Come over to the Dark Side, Emm! (Hmm ... EMMperor? :)]

Well, maybe while we are it, we might as well make that Byzantine Emperor apologize for his quote being used out of context. ;)

P.S A lot of puns intended. Its late. :)

12:19 AM  
Blogger Emmanuel said...

Noted Good Sir.

The response is above.I wrote it early in the morning LOL

8:32 AM  

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