Saturday, September 30, 2006

All Capitalists are Bastards

No, not the band, but in response to this . Capitalists not in the sense of the economic ideology that replaced mercantilism , but as in the person who capitalizes from something, as in an  opportunist.This is what happens when someone has

a)Way too much time on their hands

b)A habit of copying bulat-bulat (Wonder how they pass UPSR).This entire site is obviously a copy of here

c)Needs cash so badly you would sell a cheap version of religion to gain some Google Adsense dollars, perhaps to feed their dope addiction.

I would like to infrom readers these 'contradictions' have been cleared up here

Come on la dude/dudette.Get original.Do formulate your own views , at least MENJMahaguru58 and the rest have pretty well.I may not always agree with them(and almost never in the case of MENJ) But at least he does not Cut and Paste and plaster ads all over his site.If its da'wah you are trying to achieve its not intellectual enough to do so and if its a debate you're looking for its pretty much overexplored a topic.

Enough about stuff that irritated me- I have some stuff that cheered me up too :). Went with my good friend  and human knowledge base cum walking encyclopedia on Vespa,classic planes and to equal extent religion, Syamsyer to hunt for a credit card last week (Since we both wanna raid ebay) and was pleasantly surprised to know I make more than enough to qualify for a Gold :P , not bad for a 22 year old ah....we both do, since we both joined our company same time.Whether or not the bank's gonna accept or not doesn't matter la since we alredi took the free gifts (torch light, hand towel, pen and coffee maker). Our Shift Engineer who I went with earlier also collected free gifts so it was kinda fun.

Not that its as great a thing as it was 20 years back, but I just was happy to know that, coz a Classic card is so damn common today even like secondary school kids can qualify for it with their weekly pocket money :P

Plus Shin asked me to go for his UPP brainstorming in Bangsar organized by keADILan I guess but could not make it due to work commitments, so he counter ajaked me to go Bak kut Teh next week :)

So will finally be meeting the legendary Shin who lepaks with Anwar,Karpal,Fong Po Kuan and the whole camp la.So that kinda cheered me up to!And for those of you who are familiar with my life's goings on, the Mexican called me last night :D

If you aren't familiar, drop me a maila nd I just might tell you .

So all in all it was a good week.

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Blogger Nizam Bashir said...


1. Make sure you retain copies of your application form and the name card of the agent who processed your application.

2. Make sure you cross out photocopies of your IC and write SAMPLE on it.

The above is to save you from any problems later on.

8:46 PM  
Blogger Emmanuel said...

Yep Nizam had did the stuff you mentioned.I saw them stamp the bank stamp on the photocopies.And the name card of the guy who processed it :)

2:57 AM  

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