Monday, September 04, 2006

Stuff you learn from Tekken

Taking a break from serious posts to blog a bit about Tekken, a game new to me as I suddenly and unnaturally developed an interest in gaming with PS2.For those who know me well,should know that interests and hobbies to me (apart from IT and religion) spins around faster than your standard Panasonic washing machine.And so has been the case with Tekken 4 and 5, that I spent a good half a week beating even at the extend of camping at my friends place overnight to do it.

Well, I at the end beat Jinpachi and Heihachi (5 and 4) using a few characters, Panda, Christie,Nina and found some amusing stuff in Tekken that I'd liked to point out

-The ultimate badguy in T4 wears a diaper and has a really funny hairstyle.
-Apparently panda bears, brown bears, trees and kangaroos can talk and fknow advanced martial arts techniques.
-Kangaroos get routinely abducted from their families, and usually they have wife and kids who would register for international tournaments to avenge them.
-Pandas and brown bears can fall in love.
-Kangaroos and trees understand each others' languages
-Pretty chicks in games almost always cannot fight well.
-Pandas are able to run multinational crime organizations.
-People who are good in Chinese kung fu can also be good in cooking.
-Undeads and cyborgs fused produce a real fugly looking creature.
-Swords can be used as pogo sticks.
-If you punch a guy hard enough, they bounce off the ground.

That's all,when I am less sleepy and less blur in the evening I would post some more ;)


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