Monday, January 11, 2010

I am disappointed Dato Malakun

Dear sir, you, as a Catholic and as an UPKO man should be at the forefront of this peaceful struggle.Why are you conceding?While in liturgy, only a small part of Peninsula uses it, why then do you, a participant in a full Bahasa liturgy have to change your tone?
This is not a confrontation as some paint it to be.It is not an act of provocation. It is simply one big provoked misunderstanding stoked on by misinformation in the media, egged on by illogical but passionate speeches, fed by malovalent , mischevious ommisions,suspicious and ill-intended play-ups and overall , all rounded confusion that has led to this pot of problems.
The solution is as simple as the reason. Someone messed with the status quo, and in a country as sensitive as this one, one should not do that.As mentioned time and time again, there is a bigger picture to be held, to be seen.A nick in the status quo will go a long way in the erosion of minorities in this land nearly 2 million Christians call home.

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