Sunday, November 15, 2009

Announcement On This Blog

From this day forth, all political posts will go to
another blog of mine while all of my pic posts will go to yet another blog. My Daily Dread is hereby returning to its lighter vein.
I'm quite disturbed by the banning mentality of certain people in this country (and worldwide)
Ban SIS, they're a threat to our sovereignity
Ban alcohol, it causes you to beat wives and abuse your kids and drive into people on the road
Ban all missionaries they're a threat to our culture
Ban all languages except Malay and (insert your own mother tongue here)
Ban non religious films, they corrode our faith
Ban Starbucks, its an evil tool of the Jews
Ban all naked, half naked, semi naked and anything that resembles a little skin, it will erode your morals and cause temporary blindness
and the latest to join them was Dr Asri, yep ban him too! After all, he is destroying homes and wrecking lives with his nonsensical
spews on tolerance, understanding and progression!Imagine the chaos we will have if he is allowed to spread this alien concept
called love.
To all these monkeys, apes and fools.
May I draw your kind attention to the following, more worthy causes than banning everything your mother did not give you as a child?
-World poverty
-Panda extinction
-Terrapin conservation
-Cockroach education (i.e. educate people on how wonderful cockroaches are)
-Curing cancer
-Fighting Microsoft
-Suing McDonalds
-Keeping McDonald's in Iceland
-Fighting for both toilet paper and a bidet in all toilets.
What's up with you all la?Akon shows his well oiled body to the world and nada. Beyonce wants to come down fully clothed (I half expected
her to dress in a nun's outfit for her concert) and you kick up a fuss. Aren't we supposed to oppose homosexuality or something?
Sigh.I digress.

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