Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A highly political evening

Last weekend, ended the week a bit politically when i dragged my old friend to a rendezvous at Bangsar.What was supposed to be a laid back relaxed meeting of old buddies, where we get together gossiping and making fun of our old college friends turned awry(for Francis) when it got a little too political for his liking.All started when Shen contacted Shin and invited him over for coffee.We met in Bangsar Village, went over to Alexis for dinner.We then contacted Ronnie Liu to ajak him join us.Meanwhile, two of Shen's friends,Marini (spel?) and another, leaders of AIC , and fellow members of UPP of which I am too, but as a lousy member I am not as active, so I did not attend many of the recent forums.Then one of Shin's friends suggested moving to Canteena, which we did and Ronnie joined us there.Amir Sari was there too, though he did not join us (WTF- Is Bangsar the next Bukit Damansara?)

Then we all moved down to Delicious, where Raja Petra and co was there, with some other political leaders which I did not recognise.One of them was V David's close aide.I think my dad would have known him, as he used to be close to V David, and an MTUC lawyer named Praba.All in all it was nice to hear these guys talk politics coz unlike the coffee shop version we always get, full of speculation, theories and poppycock, these guys actually know what they are talking about.They've been there and done it.

Anyway we hung out till like 3 with my friend restraining himself from bashing my skull in as politics obviously isn't Francis' cup of tea.Or in this case, watermelon juice.


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