Friday, January 04, 2008

The World's Greatest Government

Seriously, the events of the last 3 years really is disappointing to say the least.After reading in the papers today that the Gahmen insists that 'Allah' is an exclusively Muslim term, I am convinced that this government is the most stupid in the world.For crying out loud, please, please read this. Obviously the Government is unaware that Christian Arabs have long been using the word before Malaysia was formed, or even in pre-Islamic Arabia!

Let's recap what the government have done so far in their four years in power

-Raise fuel prices because they claim they cannot take it (yet Petronas is the richest company in Malaysia and its profits are rising )

-Raise toll rates because they claim they cannot take it (yet PLUS is the most profitable GLC and is mostly owned by the investment arm of UMNO, and its profits are rising)

-Appointed a CJ thats a former UMNO council member

-Separated a mother from her child on the excuse of religion

-Separated a mother and wife from her 5 kids and husband, also on the excuse of religion

-Struck a raw nerve with Catholics when they banned our newspaper from using the word 'Allah' and postponed its license renewal to teach the Herald a 'lesson'.Apparently we Christians don't matter to the government, even though Bernard Dompok, Idris Jala, Nicol David,Tony Fernandes,Chua Jui Meng,Pairin Kitingan and a host of other prominent social leaders happen to be Christian.Obviously it also does not bother the Government that some 3 million Malaysians are Christians, and that one of the States is even Christian majority.

-4.6 Billion dollar in PKFZ wasted, even Dubai pulls out of project

-Multi billion dollar bailouts of MAS,Proton and God knows how many more underforming , fat GLCs.

-SCOMI awarded with multiple contracts openly and the PM says its because of their own ability.

-Ministers and Government servants gets increments while public service is still not up to mark

-Political assasination of the few Federal Ministers who are effective

-Samy Vellu sacks entire Cawangans to stay in power,dismisses 30,000 people marching down the street as 'a small segment of the Indian commmunity' and revamps MIC to make it relevant.Erm, someone remind me again, isn't this guy the oldest and longest serving Cabinet Minister?

-Najib tells us to lessen spending.How?




Everything else=Increase

-Set up Royal Commisions of Enquiry then absolutely ignore their recommendations

-PM getting implicated in UN oil-for-food program scandal

-DPM getting implicated in high profile murder case

-10 million pathetic ringgit for Chinese schools,compared to the billions made by PLUS and Petronas

Left unchecked, if this trend continues, I foresee the following if we return BN with a 91% majority again

-Toll and petrol to rise higher to our necks

-BN to continue to badger each other's parties

-Hishamuddin continues to kiss the Keris.In violent retaliation,MCA will keep waving the Constitution.MIC starts swinging machetes, PBS will wave banned Iban Bibles with the word 'Allah' in it and PBB will do the Ngajat.

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