Thursday, December 06, 2007

Fun Things to do at a Police Controlled Rally

Hi all.....its been ages since I last blogged.I think I netted approximately 120 new grey hairs since then.If I keep this up, lose some weight, gain some height and become gay, I could be Gandalf.

I was typing a longish reply on the HINDRAF rally (which really was what spurred me into typing into my blog again, but decided it was way too long and I would break it up into a few portions.Meanwhile I came up with (which is the best you can do with a frozen brain and a half frozen bank account)

By the way, before anyone sends me hate mail, please note I am a member of BERSIH by default of being in two signatory NGOs and that though I do not agree with a few of the more outlandish requests of HINDRAF,I do understand their plight and support their right to free speech.Besides, anyone who tries and lessen the BN majority sounds like a friend to me.


1.Look up Elizabeth Wong and interrupt her asking her stupid questions about where to get the best rally fashion.

2.Pretend to be confused, smack a police officer in the back of his head and point to the guy next to you.

3.Show up in an entirely inappropraite rally (e.g when BERSIH asked people to wear yellow, show up in pink). And look for your photo striking out in the crowd in the morning papers.

4.Yell Power to the People every ten seconds.

5.Yell Jai Hind every few seconds.

6.Whenever you spot a bald guy, weep uncontrollably, hug him and go "Gandhiji...Gandhiji!"

7.Two words.Stink bomb.

8.When the police starts to spray water at you, bring out a bar of soap and start washing yourself.Or take out a water container and fill it up, shouting "Terima Kasih"

9.Just keep grinning at the police.

10.Wear a cap with bright yellow feathers in and talk into your shirt every few minutes

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Blogger Yvy's said...

hello kawan!!! you been partying in pg lately or not? long time no come here la...anyway, i hope it's not too late to wish u a happy new year n may 2008 be more productive n your resolutions come true. :) *xoxoxo*

12:26 PM  

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