Friday, January 11, 2008

The EC should be disbanded

The Elections Commision is crap.That guy who looks like a ham sap kui with specs and always babbling garbage about how they are fair and unfairly made into a political target is nonsense.

Of course you can be made into a political issue.You were appointed by a politician, and to boot, you answer as a commision to Cabinet!Cabinet comprises elected MPs from the ruling coalition.Ergo, your boss is the BN!

You have the cheek to ask for evidence on national TV.Here is the evidence!Check these numbers on your electoral roll at .Rakyat, you be the judge of it !

ICs: 991214740101IC: 910815750017IC: 981231081137


Blogger Acidulous said...

I am wondering. If the EC can make such a blatant mistake what would a legitimate voter be able to change any thing if the EC can just forge the vote.

6:03 AM  

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