Monday, July 18, 2005

If God Were a Malaysian Blogger Pt 2

The next installment of this x-parter

If God were an Malaysian Evengelical Christian blogger

Post: I woke up this morning, praise be unto Myself.I thank myself for the air that I breathe, Amen Amen. Went to my workplace this morning and finally Arumugam came up to me and this is what I heard through the ears the Lord has granted me.

Arumugam: Brother, I have seen the truth ...mumble mumble...
Me: Praise the Lord Arumugam, let us pray(head autonods) Oh Jesus, praise you, that our brother Arumugam has seen your Light, your amazing Light O Lord, Your name we bless.Amen

If God were a Malaysian Catholic Blogger

Post: Went to a prayer meeting yesterday where Fr Jack led the prayers and everyone prayed to everybody and everything but Me.Next we went on to discuss the "Jesus Goes to Paris" book but we have just recieved a fax that book has been banned by Vatican and so we proceeded with our usual Dan Brown and JK Rowling bashing session.50 people from our prayer meeting converted out mostly to marry their girlfriends while some joined Jehovah's Witnesses coz they seriously believe that Jesus is an angel flying around, and visited earth many times but no one saw him;And that we should not wear WWF T-shirts coz they depict evil,vile bamboo munching pandas.....but our ranks were bolstered by some conversions and some new babies from South America and some happy singing Filipino migrants.The government is trying to shut down yet another of our already overpopulated churches.I shall put a pox on the joker running

If God were a Malaysian Bangladeshi blogger

Post: Ini hari isi petrol jugak, macam semalam, besok pun sama.Banyak sial boring, itu Cina towkay dua bulan gaji sudah tada bayar.Besok saya kasi tukar dia jadi kangkung ka,monyet ka dia baru tau, sotong punya orang.

Well, thats all I got so far.What would turn this into a really Divine day is that HR calls me.


Anonymous jxt2j said...

nice post. part i and part ii. loved them.

but dun reping PPS la brudder... :P

1:08 PM  
Blogger Emmanuel said...

ahahaa so i posted this before.sorry2x.din notice la.thanks for the compliment.

1:11 PM  

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