Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Found this somewhere

Myth #1: You're smart.Let me tell you up front, apart from being slightly more well read than you malnourished counterparts from Ethiopia or some other country where all kids have to read are discarded 'Peter and Jane' books, you (well your writing reflects at least) you're pretty much dumb.Only someone with a brain of a cow will litter her pictures all over the Net in compromising poses, and hope no one at home sees it.

Myth #2:You're hot.You poor, confused creature.You have the looks to match your brain(refer cow comment above).If beauty is indeed the curse of the world, then you should be thankful as you are abundantly, overwhelmingly, overflowingly(I cannot emphasize this more) blessed.

Myth #3:You're a good writer.This has got to be the joke of the century.Many people(like myself) were only drawn here by the whole fiasco of your boobs, nothing more.Your writing has no character, your style is highly inconsistent and to top it off,you publicly, shamelessly display your amazingly shallow perception of the world and disgust for almost all things Singaporean.What did you expect to get my dear?A ribbon?Face it, most people don't come in here to read Voltaire or Descartes or even that Dan Brown dude.

Myth #4:Singaporean men cannot satisfy you.Wait, this is not a myth, just an irony.As an Asian, I feel more turned on by transexuals from Thailand than you.Beauty is in the eye of the beholder?I cannot agree more that whoever beholds you must be desperate indeed.

Myth #5:White men have deeper pockets.Yeap, I guess that's why they have trailer parks, food stamps and social security....because they are all affluent people.But straight white men do indeed have peculiar taste.Thats proven by Queer Eye and oh what was the second thing....Oh wait, yes.You.

Myth #5:You're self expressing as opposed to doing porn.You're doing tasteful self-expression.Har Har.Suicidegirls is a porn site.You're a wannabe B grade porn star.Period.People wank at your photos.That makes you a porn star, and whoever wanks at YOU, very sick indeed.

Myth #6:"You are not seeking the attention..."LMAO.Of course you are.You're just either in denial or its part of your scheme for more attention.You were probably this little unpopular girl at school(gee, I wonder why?)who had so much sexual tension you found it needful to prostitute yourself to street buskers and drunks , so long as they're Western.

Myth #7:You have a good body.LOL.No you don't.You're fat and your boobs have a funny shape.No wonder Singaporean men cannot satisfy you, they're too busy supressing laughter!


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