Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Instant 3 second Pimples

I just watched a pimple emerge right in front of my bloody eyes.I wish I could post pictures on it, though it definitely would be a turn off and an amazingly effective diet tool, but hey who cares.

Amazing, phenomenal day in KL where I finally visited the place my cow of a sister worked once upon a time( before she was sent into exile into the wilderness of Wisconsin, land of cows, ironic and deeply karmaic) Wisma Genting.Pity we got booted out though.I guess we just looked like beggars.

Also pretty sad I learned that Francis, a dear old friend suffers from Multiple Personalities and that he is responsible for at least half the pyschotic killings going on in the world today.

Of all the people in Gods good earth met Kuhanesh in Low Yat.He went to get his mouse fixed.(Almost sounds like he drugged a confused pet).Got glances as we, three Karuppens, Andre, Seelan and I had makan in an almost all yellow place.Got ticked off for tipping AND giving money to a beggar.Bloody Kanjan friends.Anyway its me signing off now.Peace.

To do list: sort out mixup


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