Friday, February 05, 2010

Open Letter to ALL Pakatan MPs

Dear Few Pakatan Rakyat Elected Representative (You Know Who You Are) Yang Berhormats,
I am writing this to vent my frustration, irritation,disgust,disbelief and anger on how many of you are acting recently.Its with sincerest and most honest intention that I am writing this, as a Pakatan grassroots 'small fry' member , who like the millions of Malaysians came out in full force to support you all when you were practically nobodies and put you where you are today, sitting in the highest decision making bodies in your own states and country respectively.Some of you were luckier than others, and been appointed to important government posts, some even head entire state governments.Congratulations, your long wait and tireless effort paid off.But please do kindly remember, it was not only your effort alone, but the effort and will of more than half the Malaysian electorate that put you where you are.You did not win entirely on your own charm, your education level, your profile in your respective fields of expertise or struggle. Frankly, most Malaysians who supported you did not even care who you were or what you did, as long as you were not donning a dark blue cap with a BN logo on it.That is the reason we had aircraft mechanics voted into power in the last General Election.
The next time any of you decide to foam in the mouth about lack of funding,lack of resources and other similar grumbles, please bear in mind these few facts. Firstly, you stood for the election on your own free will. Nobody put a gun on your foreheads asking you to run for elections, nobody begged you to contest. Out of your own reasons, rightly or wrongly you stood, representing the people, and because of that, the people rallied behind you and riding on this, you were catapulted into where you now are.Secondly, others have had far less than you,suffered much more than you and been doing it for far longer.Take a look at the likes of YB Dr Tan Seng Giaw, YB Fong Kui Loon, YB Dr Wan Azizah, YB Mustafa Ali, YB Nasharuddin Mat Isa and many more. What more YBs Karpal, Kit Siang and Nik Aziz? Who was there to fund them?Who supported their families when some of them were thrown into ISA?Most of you are only first term Yang Berhormats, so why can't you not sacrifice less than 5 years of your life if you are sincere in your cause?Thirdly, regardless of your previous political alignment, you are with Pakatan now. Its a people's alliance, not a cronies' alliance.If money, resources and a luxurious allowances is what you craved, you have the wrong party, maybe even the wrong country.And if you were in it for those express reasons, please do the honorable thing and resign.
Dear Yang Berhormats,
The next time you decide to shoot from the hip about party policy, please bear in mind these few facts.Firstly, you are not Pakatan Rakyat, you are a part of Pakatan Rakyat.The policy of Pakatan Rakyat is not your sole prerogative, nor is it yours, your father's or your grandfather's to decide.There's a hierarchy in place, and its there for a reason. You are a single member of Pakatan Rakyat, and as an elected rep, have the trust of the nameless, faceless, positionless Pakatan grassroots to speak on its behalf in explaining the policy to the people, not deciding on the policy for the people. Secondly, your opinions,however valid you perceive them to be, and your points, however salient you believe them to be, remains just that, yours.Not the party's , not the alliances' and hell, no, not the peoples'! If its your own opinion by all means say so, please don't confuse everyone by muddling and befuddling everything and everyone and turning what is clearly black and white into a giant grey mess.Thirdly, please remember that the media loves to give you attention even more than you love the attention it gives you.Especially when you shoot yourself in the foot. While you're busy shooting your own feet, the media is amputating the very feet Pakatan stands on, no thanks to the likes of you.If you don't like what Pakatan stands for, then by all means, do resign.
The next time you decide to bring out your personal vendetta against any Pakatan colleague, due to a long standing feud, a dissatisfaction over your appointments or that of your political followers,or just because you just don't like the guy's face, please try doing this steps instead. First, try talking to the person.Nothing clears the air like a good honest conversation.Second muhasabahlah diri . You are nothing near perfect, yet we still voted you in. Isn't that nice?Shouldn't you then be nice to your comrades? Third, remember that every action has a reaction. Call it a law of physics, or political karma, it will come back to haunt you one day!If you feel you are still right and Pakatan is wrong, then don't demand that Pakatan withdraw! Your own withdrawal from office will more than suffice.
Dear Yang Berhormats,
Please remember, the people who voted you in can as easily vote you out.The people who worked hard to ensure your victory can work as hard with a vengeance to ensure your loss.You carry the aspirations of an entire generation on your shoulders, please do not snuff out our dreams for a better Malaysia.There are enough elements out there that want Pakatan destroyed, so internal self-destruction is the last thing needed right now.And if you believe you don't need the Malaysian electorate, then, rest assured, the Malaysian electorate needs you even less.Thank you, and have a pleasant (remaining ) time in political office.
Emmanuel Joseph,
(A Nearly Nameless,Faceless,Positionless Pakatan Member)
DAP Socialist Youth,

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