Saturday, September 30, 2006

All Capitalists are Bastards

No, not the band, but in response to this . Capitalists not in the sense of the economic ideology that replaced mercantilism , but as in the person who capitalizes from something, as in an  opportunist.This is what happens when someone has

a)Way too much time on their hands

b)A habit of copying bulat-bulat (Wonder how they pass UPSR).This entire site is obviously a copy of here

c)Needs cash so badly you would sell a cheap version of religion to gain some Google Adsense dollars, perhaps to feed their dope addiction.

I would like to infrom readers these 'contradictions' have been cleared up here

Come on la dude/dudette.Get original.Do formulate your own views , at least MENJMahaguru58 and the rest have pretty well.I may not always agree with them(and almost never in the case of MENJ) But at least he does not Cut and Paste and plaster ads all over his site.If its da'wah you are trying to achieve its not intellectual enough to do so and if its a debate you're looking for its pretty much overexplored a topic.

Enough about stuff that irritated me- I have some stuff that cheered me up too :). Went with my good friend  and human knowledge base cum walking encyclopedia on Vespa,classic planes and to equal extent religion, Syamsyer to hunt for a credit card last week (Since we both wanna raid ebay) and was pleasantly surprised to know I make more than enough to qualify for a Gold :P , not bad for a 22 year old ah....we both do, since we both joined our company same time.Whether or not the bank's gonna accept or not doesn't matter la since we alredi took the free gifts (torch light, hand towel, pen and coffee maker). Our Shift Engineer who I went with earlier also collected free gifts so it was kinda fun.

Not that its as great a thing as it was 20 years back, but I just was happy to know that, coz a Classic card is so damn common today even like secondary school kids can qualify for it with their weekly pocket money :P

Plus Shin asked me to go for his UPP brainstorming in Bangsar organized by keADILan I guess but could not make it due to work commitments, so he counter ajaked me to go Bak kut Teh next week :)

So will finally be meeting the legendary Shin who lepaks with Anwar,Karpal,Fong Po Kuan and the whole camp la.So that kinda cheered me up to!And for those of you who are familiar with my life's goings on, the Mexican called me last night :D

If you aren't familiar, drop me a maila nd I just might tell you .

So all in all it was a good week.

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Top, clockwise: 1) Misty morning at Genting, 2)Wondering should we enter the Theme Park 3)On the way to gambling our monthly salaries away 4)First World Hotel 5)An elevator that reminds me of Subang Parade

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Archbishop Milingo Excommunicated

Hmm....The second time something done by a namesake of mine is appearing in the news.

What was the first?Oh the Emperor who went and called Muhammad's teachings evil and inhuman.If the Pope would have quoted Muhammad Ali Jinnah's opinion on Gandhi, would the public view would have been more different?Perhaps to the more logical and rational Muslim writers who I suspect would either denounce the Pakistani founding father or would cry out of context.Either way its just a thought.

But therein lies the difference in the Church today and 500 years back.Today excommunication and a mild effort of explanation would be the Church's most likely action, when 500 years ago, the Jesuits, Dominicans and other eloquent orders would be roped in by the Holy See to wipe out the influence and keep the 'aqidah' intact at all costs.

A sign of religious maturity, complacency or weakness?I would vote the first.

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My Long Postponed take on the Pope Issue

Firstly I was not surprised by the reaction of our Muslim brothers and friends.Not that I am suggesting they are violent or anything like that, but their zeal and passion for religion, as since in their overwhelming response in the Danish cartoon incident.

But are some Muslims tryng to prove the Pope's quotation right by exerting violence?Is it okay to slaughter a nunwho helps out in your impoverished country just because you don't like what her religious leader said?Is it okay to torch churches, mostly who have no relation with Catholics whatsoever,an act as ignorant as Americans beating up Sikhs coz they wear turbans after 9/11? 'Call us terrorists and we shall terrorize you!'? The self-fulfilling prophecy?

I understand that Muslims have long suffered many oppresions and wars, much economic disparity and a whole bunch of misfortunes since the budding of Islam to this very day.Venting that anger through means of suicide bombings and violent demonstrations,riots et cetera, wrong as it is perfectly comprehensible.But what causes a skewed view of Islam is the association by these demonstrators/rioters/bombers/terrorists with religion.Denouncing their actions itself has become insufficient.In my humble opinion,Islam needs to distance itself from wrongs,for people to see it as a religion, not a malevolent ideology nor an advocate of aggression as being wrongly portrayed by some.I mean , can we really blame the West for their misintrepetation of Islam? When news reports carry the rape of women and mass-slaughter while crying out God's name? (think the recent Indonesian massacre of the Chinese)

How do we correct the perception?I believe by talking, and separating individual convictions and actions as opposed to a religious point of view.

It is also my belief that educated Muslims,like those you find responding logically (like Tun Hanif Omar in the Star), with reason in the papers prove the Emperor(not the Pope, who was merely quoting him) wrong.It is also my hope that such Muslims come forward and act as catalysts for honest inter-religious dialogue we so badly need now.Truly, there is much discourse needed with so much prejudice between one another like we have now going on in the world.Let's face it-the current level of interreligious dialogue is nothing more than a feel good charade where everyone quotes what I call 'happy quotes'from each other's religious books or texts, quotes that promote the notion of mutual respect and tolerance.

Then the speakers will go on to speak on such cheerful things like common moral values, social justice, and how we all should adhere to the 'Golden Rule' (which of course is a common teaching of all the major religions), and forms the basis of what we call 'inter-religious dialogue' just as the theme of Jesus becomes the central point of focus in an ecumenical dialogue.I am not saying it is bad to find a common ground, but I am saying we need to move beyond the common ground.The Government's recent ruling to move all inter-religious dialogue under the purview of the Religious Department in my humble opinion only impedes this.We so badly need to move beyond this point of dwelling on mere euphoric feelings and instead exploring our differences that causes dissent and tension between us.Only than can real acceptance and coexistence be achieved.

I would call the current scenario hypocritical to sound pessimistic, and at best I would call it sugar-coated.Tiptoeing the line of political correctness seems so important that we're really missing the point.How can the leaders of Saudi Arabia walk down the halls of the White House or Vatican or Buckingham Palace and even talk about religious rights, equality and these issues when their country censored any websites deemed 'blasphemous' to Islam,where no house of worship can exist apart from mosques and where no non-Muslim is permitted to exercise their faith openly?

How can Indonesian and African leaders talk about peace and equality when their countries teem with people with genocidal tendencies?

There can be no justice without equality and no real peace without justice.Equality will not happen until people start talking about it, and talking is pretty difficult when you get executed each time you try to do it :)

There is also a tendency by people to quote the past.The Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition and each accusing the other of wartime attrocities.

I feel we should get past this dark epoch of history as Christians, Muslims and Jews have all suffered in these wartime attrocities due to mistakes,error in judgement and pure ego trips made by those before us.Should we harp on this unendingly, we would be living in a dark loop where our children, and our children's childrenwill be taught to hate the opposing race.I saw a really disturbing video clip on YouTube some days back where an Arabian little girl was saying that she hated the Jews .Even more distubing was the fact that the 'interviewer' went 'Allahuakbar' and praised the child ! 'This, some other videos, and reading some Malay books on Islam out there really painted a bleak picture on hopes for real solidarity between our two religion and the divide hopelessly seems to be getting bigger.Yet, those like Tun Hanif give out some rays of hope for a  realistic and honest dialogue that hopefully will resolve many unanswered questions and heal the rift between religions today.

A nice Muslim blogger, Nizam Bashir kindly commented in a previous post about a Prof. Juan Cole's comment on the situation.To me this is the type of response which would get us talking.For example, if I were to dialogue with Prof Juan,I would ask him for more proof historically to back up before accepting his good reasoning,.His organization ,the Global Americana Institute (sounds like a golf college to me somehow, Nizam) apparently does translation works of American literature into Arabic to build bridges into the Arabic world.It is a commendable effort and I sincerely hope his good work bears fruit and that the governments of the Arab world reciprocates his kind work with the support he needs.

Another point to note the Coptic Pope's open 'Western Pope' bashing is commendable but I wonder what he would have to say about this or this or this .I guess you would expect that from a church leader who has to play ball with the authorities.Then again,would not really be bothered much with what he says as I believe we are closer to the Greek and even Russian Orthodoxies rather than the Coptics.Besides his church is much smaller than these other two and they only need Patriachs.

Seriously, if you ask me, the world needs to sit down and have one good talk and not hide behind religious sensitivity, political correctness and being afraid of being labelled a bigot, a racist etc.We really need to talk.

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Evening Post

Will be posting my thoughts on the Pope's comments and the Thai takeover his evening after 'Swensens!


But simply put- I think the comments were taken way too seriously, way out of context and that the Thai military went out of line.

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Friday, September 08, 2006

Genting Again

Will not be blogging for a couple of days going up Genting again (yep I am really giving in to becoming a true blue typical Malaysian exec, where hard earned money is spent going on trips to Genting,Bali and 'corporate' clubbing.


Wish me luck, and maybe I might be able to strike a jackpot and pay for my broken windscreen.

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I am Still Smiling

Ah, what a week it was.I got a new boss this week, as always with him comes a pretty uncertain type of future with a tinge of uneasiness.

I lost a few Rm 50 notes when I realized I dropped it while taking it from the bank.And my car windscreen got smashed yet again by another idiot jackass of a lorry driver (thud! followed by spiderweb pattern on your windscreen.Thank God the new car is only coming out in December and I am still driving my old Kancil!Imagine if it was a new Vios.....Arrggghhh...

I shudder at the thought.But after all this I am still smiling.One- Jesus is always with me thick and thin, that would be the sappy/feel good Christian reason.Two its not everyday (or many ppl my age) that has a big payday waiting to help me clear it the next salary day <grins ear to ear>

I promised myself not to brag about this, so I won't.If you wanna know more, ask me yourself.

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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Which Cyborg Am I?

Electronic Mechanical Machine Assembled for Nocturnal Utility and Efficient Learning

Monday, September 04, 2006

Which Superhero Am I?

Your results:

Hmm ironically (no pun intended) this is the same two characters (Iron Man and Spiderman) that I use whenever I play Marvel vs Capcom or Marvel games
You are Iron Man

Iron Man
Green Lantern
The Flash
Wonder Woman
Inventor. Businessman. Genius.

Click here to take the Superhero Personality Quiz

Stuff you learn from Tekken

Taking a break from serious posts to blog a bit about Tekken, a game new to me as I suddenly and unnaturally developed an interest in gaming with PS2.For those who know me well,should know that interests and hobbies to me (apart from IT and religion) spins around faster than your standard Panasonic washing machine.And so has been the case with Tekken 4 and 5, that I spent a good half a week beating even at the extend of camping at my friends place overnight to do it.

Well, I at the end beat Jinpachi and Heihachi (5 and 4) using a few characters, Panda, Christie,Nina and found some amusing stuff in Tekken that I'd liked to point out

-The ultimate badguy in T4 wears a diaper and has a really funny hairstyle.
-Apparently panda bears, brown bears, trees and kangaroos can talk and fknow advanced martial arts techniques.
-Kangaroos get routinely abducted from their families, and usually they have wife and kids who would register for international tournaments to avenge them.
-Pandas and brown bears can fall in love.
-Kangaroos and trees understand each others' languages
-Pretty chicks in games almost always cannot fight well.
-Pandas are able to run multinational crime organizations.
-People who are good in Chinese kung fu can also be good in cooking.
-Undeads and cyborgs fused produce a real fugly looking creature.
-Swords can be used as pogo sticks.
-If you punch a guy hard enough, they bounce off the ground.

That's all,when I am less sleepy and less blur in the evening I would post some more ;)