Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A few Weeks Late

I am finally doing Pelf's tag...

1. What did you do for the last Valentine’s?I watched a movie with three other guy friends who like me have virtually no hope of ever getting another Valentine's, followed by people-bashing session at the local mamak

2. What are you planning to do for the next Valentine’s?
Refer above.Add a slightly better financial position so the lepak session would probably be somewhere better than your normal mamak.Maybe a mamak with Astro.

3. What would be the ideal place to celebrate Valentine’s?
Anywhere with a biological female.

4. What qualities in a person would make an ideal Valentine’s date for you?
Must be a female and preferbally interested in me.

5. What gifts would you buy/have bought for your partner?
I'll probably give her a credit card and hope I am financially capable enough so as not to get dumped after she empties what little money I have.

6. What gifts have you received/would like to receive from your partner?
An empty cheque attached to an oversized stuffed teddy bear

7. What’s your all-time favourite romantic movie?
Dr Zhivago.Yes, I am ancient

8. If you could choose any person on earth to be your date on Valentine’s, who would it be?

Moore of Demi

9. Tag the following people (up to your discretion) - in alphabetical order..
Confused MouseNawruzYS Chan

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Long Long Overdue Post

First and Foremost let me apologize for the long hiatus, just been way too busy at work with loads of courses and projects and even as I write am tired to the bone, but shall attempt to with my dying breath :P

Well at least I shall do so a confirmed staff of the organization I work in knowing at least they won;t fire my sorry ass with a 24 hour notice.My boss rewarded me for this remarkable achievement with the magnanimous gesture of asking me to work extra.Ouch.

Enough of me ranting about work.Allow me to share my precious thoughts on some issues as usual, as we all know I have a weird view on life.Today, allow me to share with you my view on logos and slogans of government departments and some private firms

I believe they are way to power packed to describe the actual jobs they do.Take the MPK(Klang Municipal Council) logo for example.Its two deer mounting a crest with the motto "Perpaduan Sendi Kekuatan" (Strength Hinges on Unity).OK cool and nice.....but what does it have to do with MPK's job scope?

No disrespect to MPK la, but if you wanna show your job scope, and I had It my Way...I would have a logo with two garbagemen mounting a garbage truck holding a saman letak kereta with the words "Saman dan Sampah, Kamilah Yang Buat"
And in your recruitment drive you show pictures of sadistic men in uniform shooting trigger happily at some unarmed, scrambling illegal VCD peddler running away with the words "Action is its own reward"

The logo for the KLIA is a freaking "L" like building.L for Lost Luggage, Late, Long Queues or Lost Cause.Take your pick.

Sometimes I really marvel at the significance of animals and such in our logos as well.Many like the picture of a lion, to symbolize the king of beasts, bravery and pride.Should these people watch National Geographic, they would also know the male lion sleeps all day and combs his mane while the female lion hunts for the cubs.

Some like an eagle to symbolize majesty and grace.Eagles tear apart their pray using their claws . And those who use doves apparently haven't been the target practise of birds who need to take a dump halfway in the air.

Why don't we use inanimate objects in our logos?Police for example should have two fierce looking guns on their logo and instead of "Mesra Cepat Dan Betul" emblazon on it "Kami Bersenjata Dan Suka Menggunakannya" .That ought to scare people from commiting crimes or playing mahjong.

Have a lot more blog material in my mind but would continue some udder time, including your tag pelf ;) Got more classes tommorow

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

CNY Ads and Random Ramblings

Sigh....New Year came and went, and it whizzed past me like a hurricane without me realizing I had won two bucks from my friend Yee Loong from Black Jack.OK, so many of you reading will not understand this fully.Allow me to enlighten you on my friend Yee Loong. This is a picture of Yee Loong.Notice the sad depressed look- thats coz like most of us, we still cannot get laid no matter how hard we try.Anyway,back to why winning two bucks from this guy is such a big deal...its coz in simple terms, he's a miser.A kiamsiap.A kedekut maximum.Despite the fact he is damn bloody rich.I guess thats how he stays rich la, but thats beyond the point.Winning two bucks from him was to me, like scaling a great financial height.

To his credit, my friend is slowly coming out of his Klang cocoon and visiting places outside the Tanah Jajahan Takluk Sultan Selango , mostly due to persuasion from me and the other guys.Sorry man, but you know we all still love you dude.At least you can rest assured Matthew does la.

Moving along from this,the ads for Chinese New Year this time around were a little bit disappointing.Starting with the Tenaga Nasional ad.Kinda redundant with the stupid firefly theme again.Yeah we get it, fireflies are beautiful and we should all have field trips to Kuala Selangor someday.Or are you hinting that Malaysia is running out of power and soon we would have to breed fireflies and use their butts to light up our flourescents?

And that ad about road safety with the kuih kapits.I don't get two parts of the ads- one is the where they go "Public transport is safer".Are you kidding me?Have the Ministry of transport ppl ever been on one of the hellride buses to balik kampung?The drivers of those buses are rally driver wannabes who happen to control a powerful diesel machine.I leave the rest to your kind imagination.And the second part is where the driver who drives hastily away (without signal lights) brings them back safely.I pity the family la.One hair raising bus ride followed by ride given by a mad guy who tries to run over his own son.

I do love however the Petronas ad about the successful kids and how the one with the Iswara is the only one who loves his mom enough to bring her out.A nice touch was that the ad was in Hokkien.It smells of Yasmin Ahmad but not too sure.

Anyway to all my friends .... and those who for unknown reasons read this blog , Keong Hi Fatt Choy :)


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