Saturday, July 29, 2006

Fiat Voluntas Tua

Nope, I haven't feel into a deep sleep pending this two weeks neither did I go into comatose.Despite my well known affinity and undying allegiance to my bed, my pillow and my blanket, I cannot possibly sleep for two straight weeks la.The slumber is of a different kind (*winks)
And what a two weeks it was. Bear with me, a bit long post.
First off was Marriott Putrajaya.I attended a Grid Leadership course there for 4 days (and yes!! it was stay in!!!) I've stayed in 5 stars before but when someone else pays, its a different story.The room me and another exec, Mathan shared costs nearly 600 bucks a night.Thats excluding the 3 daily buffets and in between snacks hehe.....and of course the seminar itself..:P so, yeah it was really really a good experience.The seminar itself was amazing, it taught me a lot of management and how decision making should be done.The two facilitators were these really experienced corporate guys.My team mates included a former PDRM ASP (who holds an MBA, a LLB, a B. Econ and a Dip. Occupational Safety and Health) , a lawyer, a manager, and me, the dull, underqualified , inexperienced dumbass who really seemed like he didn't belong.At the end of the whole course,we went one of the best sit down lunches I had in Summer Palace (Chinese Restaurant).Bumped into some ministers but since our Cabinet is probably the largest in the world, really couldn't recognize them, except for the fact one was Malay and one was Chinese, really was no distinguishing factors.The funniest incident would have to be at one of the lunches, where there were these Mexican banjo players singing for you and suddenly someone shouts out there is a birthday and points in my direction.An innocent course attendee who's happily munching on a  satay suddenly finds himself the center of a Happy Birthday song, a cake and what not.Even the lecturers came forward to wish him, but it wasn't his birthday.Sportingly this guy plays along.
Then Mathan, Syamsyer and myself lepaked at 1U where we saw Harith Iskander, but unfortunately he did not know us la hehe.
I had some pics with my buddies, but as I told Pelf earlier, my cable's missing :(
Now to the most amazing part of my fortnight.
Visited this vessel MV Doulos (which means servant in Greek, apparently).Syamsyer, my carpooling friend was the one who bugged me to go and have a look.Went aboard and ended up spending in two trips almost 300 ringgit on books and tapes.Reading TWO of those books, Passion, and 'Let's Roll!' changed my life 360 degrees.Every night before sleeping I would read some of it until it was completed. Halfway through reading , I threw out - my porn collection, a half smoked pack of Salem and that point decided if I am gonna be called a Christian, to dialogue with my friends on religion and to argue and debate on in the name of Christ, then I had better be worth the name.I realized at that point of my life, even after reading so much on Jesus, that I knew so little about what he was all about.I knew what he said, without learning the message.I knew his philosophy behinds his teachings, but ignored his teaching itself.I knew his sermons but  not the truth in it.Basically I have been nothing more than a purely academic Christian.Funny thing is I was not always like this.Perhaps it was all the reading.Perhaps it was the glory of living a a great life without me knowing it.Perhaps it was characters that have influenced me along the way, but either way, I did not realize when logic superceded faith in my life.
But that was out of the window.From here on out, its a new life for me.A life guided by a sense of a renewed, fresh goals, aims and so on.From here on out, its a new me ! LOL- Hopefully.From here on out, its Fiat Voluntas Tua.
Introibo Ad Altare Dei.Ad Deum Qui Laetificat Juventutem Meam.

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Monday, July 10, 2006

5 goals

This was probably the most heart wrenching Finals ever for me. For the last match I got so caught up in the fever I actually shaved my head bald after not Zidane but Barthez.And after that he manages against all odds to miss ALL FIVE penalty kicks.ALL FIVE. Good God, at least try and make a save man! He has the pose, the perfect arm grab but there was only one thing missing- the ball in his hands.

Well I supposed the better team won, and at least the Pope will be happy that former Axis superpower have re-made their stamp in football.

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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Why Superman Really sucks

OK, let me begin with pointing out that by removing the letter U from his name he kinda takes on the moniker that sounds a porn star.Before you get ideas about a beefy dude spraying white liquid that crystalizes to paralyze his enemies,allow me to explain also that growing up, I never liked the guy, from his Man of Steel time to when he became Man of Energy, I always found him too powerful and therefore too boring for my taste(coz then his nemeses would also need to be ultra powerful, to a point it looks like a demigod war)
Now allow me to explain why I think this latest movie sucks.First off  it departs from all the other 4 Superman movies and suddenly Lois doesn't recognize who Superman is anymore.I found that to be incredibly stupid, and next is the part Baldy walks into the Fortress of Solutide just like you would a convenience store to buy some peanuts.Um, if memory serves the fortress is hidden and can only be opened by a crystal key.And it shows Luthor having to screw some old lady for money. I thought Baldy was rich coz his dad was already the richest man in Metropolis, about as rich as the eccentric Bruce Wayne in neighbouring Gotham? This whole movie to me was a big load of crap.
Now allow me to explain why I think Superman himself sucks.Firstly they have tried to make his stupid outfit justifiable lately by saying "S" is the logo for the House of El and that blue, red and yellow are the colours of his house's crest, presumably (that they found him in that colours).Thats bullshit.His uniform is childish and he still wears his underwear outside and flies around with some towel from his mom's laundry stuck to his neck.His uniform(unlike Spiderman's, Iron Man's or even Batman's) serves absolutely no purpose apart from comedy.Why does he need a belt?He is already wearing tights.. have you seen a person in tights wear a belt?OK maybe he wants to hold his underwear in place which brings me to point two- why wear it on the outside?And what the hell is the purpose of your cape?Batman needs his to glide and fly, Jedis wear theirs coz it looks good on them, so what purpose does Superman's serve apart from maybe to shield his yellow underwear covered butt from the full view of the public.
So this part about all people in Krypton needing the ability to see through stuff, blast each other with laser shots and bend metal doesn't make sense.Krypton sounds like this incredibly violent place where everyone hates everyone and has scary weapons to go with it.And they apparently have a rock which the planet is named after, and therefore is found abundantly there,that has properties that makes its people sick.OK what the HELL is the point of having superpowers than.So probably Superman is just a loser back home.If he did not come to Earth he would have gotten a mundane job and married an average looking girl and live an average life.
Compare Doreamon to Superman.I find Doraemon cooler on a whole lot of ways.First of all, Doraemon's weakness is something edible(doriyaki donuts) so it really won't kill him unless he eats so much he ends up with indigestion.Having a big head is cuter as apposed to wearing yellow undies.And Doraemon can kick Superman's ass in any battle.With all his superpowers, all Doreamon needs to do is reach into his pocket and take out 'Alat Mengalahkan Superman' and boom, Superman will go down faster than you can say 'Kryptonite' baby!

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