Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Advertising and the World Cup Fever

So far I am true to my pledge not to blog on Malaysian politics but hey, its only been a day so far.....

I'm not really a football fan, wait, thats a blatant lie.I am a World Cup fan, a fan of its fanfare, alcaholic beverage promotions, email forwards of scantily clad women little on them besides body paints etched across their chests in the colours of their national flags....yep, I like it all.I also like partaking in the betting pool, though I do not even understand fully what the f*uck a half ball, quarter ball, 0.0075 ball is and all that mother jazz, I just rely on my friends to tell me if I won.And if on the rare occasion, I do win, its more of the abovesaid alcaholic beverages for me ;)

Point is,I do not know about where you come from, but where I do(This Light forsaken land called Bolehland) football is like numero uno in the national sports list.Sure, we can't really play it, and the closest we got to upping the standard was when Khairy Jamaluddin's myTeam performed outstandingly by taking on the national squad and giving it a run for its money.Perhaps thats why Dr M is so peeved, maybe he's a yellow jersey supporter...hmm...The numero dos sport position however is highly volatile.It usually depends on what we're winning at on the international stage.At the height of Foo Kok Keong-Sidek brothers glory it was of course badminton.When Nicole won the wolrd no 1 position, it was squash.And when that small whiff of news came out that some golfer once applied for a Malaysian PR status, it became golf.

Anyway I really respect private companies cashing in on the world cup frenzy la.Allow me to dissect the adverts....

Ogawa decided its a good time to show its 'cowboy' massage chair, heaven alone knows why.Perhaps sex drive and football are good partners.yea baby, a sexy well endowed lady on a rodeo ride is a sight to behold, but during my Penang trip recently, I recall distinctively a well, err rounded lady with a butt that really covered the whole machine.Its a miracle the gears could stand such torture in the first place.And her equally fat kid who really seemed more interested in the model's outfit rather than his mom's massage chair.

Breeze I don;t know how, managed to get a mouthing Ronaldhino juggling a ball around and decided to give out the ball free to all its loyal washing powder users.What the hell has soap powder gotta do with football anyway????Even Milo cashed in on the action and shows a couple of handsome young studs (read gay college gigolos) playing a game that defies physics- dribbling the ball under a table and the table remains perfectly motionless.When last I checked, even shaking my legs caused a table to shiver.

But hats off to Digi for a brilliant advert.Really award winning la.Better than all the other guys.Sure they're other adverts and I could go on my mindless rant making fun of each one of them but I have work at the moment and will continue some other time ehhe

BTW Pelf, I sent you the card(s). =)




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Monday, June 26, 2006

I've Given Up Hope On Malaysian Politics!

First of all Yvy, if you're reading, the Penang post is not done yet OK, I just posted pictures in photobucket and Friendster just got banned in my workplace.Thats no fun, especially when you're in IT department and people assume naturally you can wave a magic wand and make the buffer page go away.Sorry people, I'm in a different team all togather.I seriously have much better things to do than ban websites, especially those that I like.Better things like faking golf, trying to look like a serious gym rabbit(I'm too un-fit to be a bunny) or gaining back the calories in a cup of strawberry flavoured soya milk(my latest oral fixation...)

But I've given up hope on Malaysian politics la, seriously.Gone are the days where Dr M would take a swipe at Harun Din, or where Lim Keng Yaik will hentam Kit Siang and then punches were thrown between Karpal and Samy Vellu.

Nowadays barb trading has taken a more racial connotation where everybody is so damned testy about everything.UMNO which all the while I held in great respect as they were the only ones seemingly doing their job well.....lately made me gape in awe with certain actions taken by it... Apart from the Badut from Jerai,you have clowns barging into offices of the comrades, or at least the last I checked supposed to be comrade la and serving this memo la la that memo la.I mean as far as I am concerned, memos are meant to be served in offices telling you what time the pantry closed.Barging into people's offices and serving papers is either a 'saman' or protest notice.Either way, thats not nice la.If someone is gonna barge into my office in the middle of the night, they better have a birthday cake, a promotion letter or a winning lottery ticket lest I throw a walkie talkie at their head and strangle them with network cables.

And Maika(MIC) has decided to vote in Datuk Seri's team in.Good  la, party solidarity and all, but Datuk Seri, if I may be as so bold(in case ppl wondering my no 'racun' in this post of mine...its coz I recently decided while I object to ISA and support its abolishment,BUT while it exists I stand a great chance of entering into it not as a tourist but as a guy who will get blindfolded and sodomized by a fat hairy bear of a man called Bob who will probably whack me like a piece of garment with a stubborn stain and yell his wifes name while doing so)....so as to suggest don't take everything sooo personally.Not everyone is out to dethrone you so relax la....Kesian PAC sometimes, they also want government post, they also doing their job.

As for MCA and Gerakan,Hero Ong Ran Ting (Ka...Ka Ting,Emmanuel,remember that!)and Well-Salivated LKY seem to be doing better nowadays- no complains there.

And on the other side of the fence, the opposition has decided to throw the honorary titles of 'Mahafiraun,Mahazalim and so on... out the windw and cheer Dr M on.Good for them.

But the crux of my argument is no matter how much I blog on, think, talk, cheer or jeer, no one gives a damn about my opinion on Malaysian Politics anyway.So from now on I am gonna blog about happy things like how to get high sniffing dog poo, or which char koay teow stall serves the blackest noodles ever.Ah f*ck it, who am I kidding ;)


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The Late Penang Post

Long overdue post on my trip to Penang.I tried uploading the pics to Blogger last night but kept getting funny errors.Attempt no 2 via Photobucket

Pictures of the Burmese and Siamese temples in Penang at Burma Road

I didn't manage to grab a pic of the sleeping Buddha, or sitting Buddha for that matterbut manage to catch some shots of a sleeping something and a sitting someone.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Unofficial MIC Poll Results

Datuk G Pananivel won, edging out the incumbent Datuk Seri S Subramaniam.This is according to an inner circle trusted news source.More to follow later la.


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Monday, June 19, 2006

Does God really needs defending?

I had an amazing trip to Penang and even bumped into a blogger who's wackier than me(and more sarcastic-and that is really rare la), but I'll post about that tommorow.I just had to post something's that been on my mind for some weeks now and I need to get it out of my system.

I've been thinking about apologetics and what not and how people get so emotional and riled up when issues pertaining to religion is brought up.For those of you reading at this point and decided that I've embraced Flower Power and become a hippie no thanks to being influenced by the blinking ICQ icon, you're mistaken.

I mean logically.God is omnipotent.God is all-powerful and all-goodness.He is infinite.Does he really need all these people milling around and defending His name?I mean He already has legions of Angels and what not.As a direct result of religious conviction(or fanaticism, mere semantics)Whether is Bible thumping to a jewish rabbi in a 'friendly' 'debate' or throwing grenades into each other's places of worship, saying my God is right and your God is wrong.Do you really think God would be pleased/appeased/bothered that you're doing that?

I personally God would be much more happier to have His followers speak up against the voiceless ones, where the ill are unattended, the weak opressed, the poor sidelined from development. Where animals are treated with more humanity than homeless people, where a kid is thrown out of school because of prejudice?Where in some cultures rape and murder are vessels of firebrand justice.

My logic?God is already all powerful, he does not need my serving.His people does.So abandon your narrow self righteous convictions where it comes to downplaying someones colour or creed in the name of God.For if seen in that light, you would've attributed every major war in history to Him.Look at the bigger picture.

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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Dato' Seri Abdullah- Think of us little guys!

Yes...the clash of the titans has occured.The Old PM Vs New PM.Both presenting themselves as champions of transparency,democracy and moderation.What a load of horseshit.

Tun Dr M -You put into place the mechanism to control free speech, the mechanism which you are  now complaining and whining about.You've spent loads of government money and now asking the present administration to spend more.And Dato Seri Abdullah, is clear you are more open than Dr M, but there's about where your 'better' part ends.Everything else about your administration shares a lot in common with Tun Dr M's.

Its easy for you guys to ask us to adjust our lifestyles.You guys live in palaces built on sweat and blood of the people.Its easy for you to tell us to share your burden.Who is sharing ours?What exactly is the government sacrificing?

OK cut down infrastructure projects, make people lose more jobs, cut down road improvements, street lights and road signs, make more people die on the road each year.Go ahead, make more beautiful and majestic government complexes and offices so important to your 'image' and let foreign fleet admirals, ministers, kings adore and praise you and say we just wanna be like Malaysia.Ignore the millions struggling to live in this beautiful country.

The police beat us on the road when we complain about rising fuel prices.A few sen a barrel means nothing to you people.Government MPs, public servants with fat paychecks, ADUNs, Ministers etc. Your allowances and mileage claims are amazing.What about us, the little guys?Who is going to reimburse our travelling expenses?Inflation is on the rise.Lessen our expenses you say.How?Show us how.Live on a meagre paycheck and then tell us how.

The country should be prosperous.How long are we supposed to tolerate substandard 'international' quasi-governmental giant companies milking Malaysia for all its worth?How long are we going to stay silent?When you push a cat into a corner, it strikes back.Elections are around the block.Do something.Prove yourselves to be the champions of the people that claim to be.

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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Malaysia in the Year 2020 Part 2

Political Front

MCA and Gerakan would be merged to be called the All Night Long Party.MIC will still be led by Samy Vellu.UMNO and PAS will still be arguing.DAP will still be banging the gong.There should be a new party called the Mix Race party, that promotes racial harmony and corss-racial marriages to ensure the survival of the 'cap cengs' or cross breeds like myself.This party will most likely be spearheaded by a Chindian who pretends to be a Eurasian coz he/she has a Spanish surname(though his/her ancestors really hailed from a kampung in southern India and was named after the Jesuit who baptised him/her)

Cross Border Relations

Tension foreseen with Singapore especially after they build three nukes and aimed it right at KLCC.Malaysia would've retaliated by hiding some missiles under KLCC Twin Towers and an armed spaceship shaped like a gasing in KL tower.Apart from that, they have mobilized all the former WW1 British planes and Japanese Zero fighters that were shot down by the British.To top it all off, its now powered by biodiesel, so in between blowing each other up, they are in a way conserving the environment.Myanmar will still be ruled by the junta who has 3/4 of the nation in house arrest for eating ricde too loudly and Indonesia will be ruled by its 1073rd president after the 1072nd was overthrown by university students on his 13th day in office, (due to a tremendous scandal that claims he once immorally and sinfully slept with his wife)

General Lifestyle

Clubbing has been banned in Kelantan so more clubs have been introduced in Brickfields to compensate.As the price of petrol is now extremely high, mamak stalls have mushroomed and after evolving with Wifi and Astro, now offers full fledged waiter service,table reservation, chef recommendation and a whole host of other things which makes it more or less the same price as Tai Thong.Despite this constant whining Malaysians are buying more essential things that they don't need such as a year's gym membership used twice a year (with the new breakway gyms like Common Man Fitness,where no celebrity would dream of going , San Fransisco Fitness - a combination of San Fransisco Steakhouse and a gym,and Worked Out, where you can listen to jazz music and drink alcahol  while on a treadmill), 4 water filters for their water filteration system, and air freshners for the outdoors.More and more ridiculously large hypermarkets emerge with the latest one being as big as the state of Perlis, and you need a golf buggy to drive around it.


Media Prima Group buys over all the cinemas and every channel in the country and now produces quality shows that people love like Edisi Siasat:Mandarin, Edisi Siasat : Edsisi Karam Singh Walia, Edisi Siasat: Versi Hantu, Edisi Siasat: Kompilasi Mingguan, 999,994,991, Misteri Nusantara,Misteri Rantauan,Misteri Malaysia, Bersamamu,Jejak Kasih and more fun, vibrant, entertaining programs while opening up Channel 11,12,13,14,17 and 77 all showing the same thing.Meanwhile, tv1 and 2 continue to cry fowl over the rise of media prima and claims its a government conspiracy and insisiting that FAM football should be given a much higher ranking as it is more interesting than EPL and that showing a live telecast of the Parliament is contrary to all major religious teachings in Malaysia, and that it is highly immoral and sensitive and could crash our economy.

I wonder if there is more i can write...hmmm



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